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A Response to Bill O'Reilly's Book Killing Jesus Package Offer

A Response to Bill O’Reilly’s Book Killing Jesus Package Offer – $100




This special package includes four informative and captivating series:


  • A Response to Bill O’Reilly’s Book Killing Jesus – Part 1 and A Response to Bill O’Reilly’s Book Killing Jesus – Part 2
    In popular books and the media, Jesus continues to attract attention. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly builds on this fascination with his latest best-selling book Killing Jesus. What does O’Reilly present about the facts of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection? Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Gary Habermas will examine the points raised in Killing Jesus. 
  • Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
    A debate over the case for Christianity. What historical facts about Jesus’ life, agreed to by virtually all critical scholars, lead to the conclusion that Jesus actually rose from the dead? Did the disciples have hallucinations of Jesus rather than actually see Him? Was Jesus’ resurrection body merely a spiritual body (a ghost-like, wispy, see-through, non-material body) or a real physical body? Did Jesus claim to be God? What factual evidence today inclines us to believe miracles (like the resurrection) are possible?
  • The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection
    Contains Lee Strobel’s own story of how as an atheist, he investigated two foundational questions of Christianity: Did Jesus really claim to be God? And did Jesus really rise from the dead? He also presents five historical facts proving the resurrection and responds to the new explanations offered today that supposedly refute Jesus Resurrection.


Both Blu-ray and Standard DVD discs included with each series.

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