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Iran, Israel, and End Time Events - Download M4V Package

Iran, Israel and End Time Events – Download M4V Package




In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series featuring Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Jeff Kinley, our guests reveal God’s plan for every person on earth during the last days. They explain the fate of both believers and unbelievers when Christ return. They also detail Satan’s plan to destroy Israel, and how Jesus responds to that plan. They will also explain the timing of Jesus’ return, and what that means for us. Will believers have to endure the awful events of the tribulation period? (8 Programs)

Episode titles include:

Anticipating the Rapture
God’s Apocalyptic Wrath
The Good News of the Rapture
 Four Views of the Rapture
The Ezekiel 38 War
Outline of Revelation – Part 1
Outline of Revelation – Part 2
America in the End-Times

Our M4V videos are high-quality files designed for computer use and larger screens. The files are often too large to be downloaded and used on phones and smaller devices.

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