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Mormon Series Package

Mormon Series Package




Package includes:

  • Are Mormons Christians?
    Join Sandra Tanner, the great-great granddaughter of Brigham Young and Dr. Lynn and Michael Wilder as they examine the key teachings of the Mormon faith compared to Christianity.  Study Guide available.
  • Questions Every Mormon Should Ask
    What is the difference between the Jesus of the Bible and Jesus of the Mormon faith? Was Joseph Smith truly a prophet of God? Ankerberg, Tanner and the Wilders examine questions every Mormon should ask. Study Guide available.
  • Mormon Officials and Christian Scholars Compare Doctrines
    In this classic presentation, Lawrence Flake, K. H. Christensen, Sandra Tanner, Ed Decker and the late Dr. Walter Martin debate the principal theological teachings of the Mormon Church.
  • FREE with Package – 7 Reasons We Left Mormonism
    Former Mormons Michael and Lynn Wilder share the seven reasons that led them from over 30 years of devout Mormon involvement to biblical Christianity. From Michael’s leadership to determine if a person was “Temple worthy” to Lynn’s role as tenured professor at Mormon-owned BYU, you’ll discover the beliefs that changed their heart and mind as they examined the Bible’s words for themselves.

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