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Step by Step through Creation Package Offer




This package featuring Dr. Hugh Ross includes:

  • Two DVD/Bluray Series (9 programs total)
  • Two Companion Study Guides 
  • One 70-Minute Documentary Movie


Learn more about each series here:

Science Discovers the Universe had a Beginning

What scientific evidence has led astronomers to conclude the universe had a beginning just as the Bible says? What evidence shows God meticulously created and designed the universe so human life can live on earth? How has God positioned Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune to protect the earth? How did God exquisitely design the sun, moon and stars for man’s benefit? (4 Programs)

Step by Step through Creation

Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. John Ankerberg will take you verse by verse through Genesis 1 and 2 and show you how the biblical account of creation can be reconciled with scientific evidence today. (5 Programs)

Journey Toward Creation

In this completely redesigned second edition, astronomer Hugh Ross will whisk viewers through the solar system, past stars, galaxies, and quasars-all the way back to the moment when light first sprang from the darkness. (70-Minute Documentary)


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