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Through the Book of Revelation with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung - DVD/Blu-ray Series

The John Ankerberg Show Presents: Through the Book of Revelation with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung – Part 1




This new series with Bible prophecy expert Dr. Jimmy DeYoung will help you better understand the book of Revelation. In these 8 programs, Dr. DeYoung will guide you through the 22 chapters of this prophetic book in chronological order, offering a unique and understandable perspective for those who love to study and those who are new to exploring biblical prophecy.

  • Program 1 includes a unique overview of the entire book of Revelation in a single program. Dr. DeYoung has taught this information to audiences worldwide to offer a clear outline of the key aspects of the apostle John’s prophecies.
  • Program 2 addresses the apostle John’s vision of Jesus. Revelation 1 offers a unique look at Jesus in His glorified form. He provides instructions for John’s writing that influences the remaining 21 chapters, in addition to offering many applications for our lives today.
  • Program 3 begins the discussion of the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3. Each church existed as a local congregation in the first century with their own strengths and weaknesses that inform the way our churches function still today.
  • Program 4 DeYoung addresses Revelation 4 and the beginning of the heavenly visions the apostle John experiences. This program identifies aspects such as the 24 elders, and highlights the rapture and the various views of the tribulation.

Study guides are discounted from $8 to $5 if you purchase 5 or more! These companion study guides go along with the video series and are a great resource for group study.

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