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The Rewards You Can Gain or Lose at The Judgment Seat of Christ – MP3 Audio Series Download




What is the Judgment Seat of Christ? What is the purpose of the Judgment Seat? What misconceptions about the Judgment Seat keep Christians from taking it seriously? Will sins committed before trusting Christ diminish the reward? Will the Judgment be public or private? Will Jesus be angry? What things will Christ look for when He evaluates your life? What rewards may we gain or lose at the Judgment Seat? Who does Jesus promise to reward? Will the death-bed convert receive any rewards? When will the Judgment Seat of Christ take place? Is this Judgment different from the Great White Throne Judgment? Who will appear at each and what takes place? The Bible states, “The time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine.” Are we living in such a time? Are we living in the last days when the Bible says people will have an outward appearance of religion but no inward reality? Across the world we are being told that society is getting better and better. But the Bible predicts that things will go from bad to worse. What is the truth? Is there evidence today that a new worldwide religious philosophy (the Antichrist) could capture people?s minds all over the world?

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