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The Science Collection

The Science Collection




Six DVD Series featuring leading science scholars including Dr. Stephen Meyer, and Dr. Hugh Ross.  Includes 26 programs featuring the latest scientific information from astronomy and biology that demonstrate the existence of God.

Package includes:

  • The Mystery of the Missing Fossils
    You will see the astonishing evidence that has led scientists to conclude that fully developed, complex animals suddenly appeared on earth during the Cambrian age, and had no prior ancestors. And why this fossil evidence goes directly against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Why an all-powerful intelligent designer is a better scientific explanation than Darwinism for the sudden appearance of fully formed animals in the fossil record.  
  • The Case for Intelligent Design
    Charles Darwin admitted he did not know how the first cell came into existence. But today, molecular biologists have discovered that the human cell is not simple, but complex beyond belief.   In the nucleus of each cell is the DNA molecule, which contains a storehouse of 3 billion characters of precise information in digital code. This digital code is crucial to the origin and function of all plants, animals and humans. But where did this complex DNA code come from in the first place? And why is it that an all-powerful intelligent designer is a better scientific explanation than Darwinism for the genetic information found in the DNA molecule.  
  • Science Discovers the Universe had a Beginning
    What scientific evidence has led astronomers to conclude the universe had a beginning just as the Bible says? What evidence shows God meticulously created and designed the universe so human life can live on earth? How has God positioned Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune to protect the earth? How did God exquisitely design the sun, moon and stars for man’s benefit?
  • Step by Step through Creation
    Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. John Ankerberg will take you verse by verse through Genesis 1 and 2 and show you how the biblical account of creation can be reconciled with scientific evidence today.
  • Does the New Scientific Evidence about the Origin of Life Put an End to Darwinian Evolution?
    Dr. Meyer will show you what scientists have found in the human cell and its implications for how life originated. This series shows why the possibility of one human cell coming into existence by natural selection is simply impossible, and explains how scientists are being forced to consider that the complex information and intricate design in the cell can only point to an outside intelligent designer, namely God.
  • Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science that Prove God Exists
    Evolution has been taught as fact for years in science textbooks and classrooms, leaving the need for God out of the discussion.  But today’s scientific evidence provides compelling evidence for an Intelligent Designer.  This series discussion four of the great discoveries that prove God exists.


**Originally offered in 2015 as a special offer, this package used to include a 2015 JA Show Christmas Ornament featuring Isaiah 9:6: “For unto us a child is born…” Although the ornament is no longer available, due to the popularity of the package, the rest of the items are still available in this discounted package.**

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