Carey Dean

The Tenth Day of the First Month

By Carey Dean / March 22, 2024

God accomplishes His plans and promises perfectly, precisely, and without compromise. As we follow the steps of Jesus to His cross, things become more violent, and the flesh responds with…

Holy Week: Our Passover Lamb

By Carey Dean / March 15, 2024

THE LAMB FOR ETERNITY The Bible concludes with the Revelation of Jesus Christ’s promised return, holy judgment, and Kingdom’s reign. Throughout its twenty-two chapters, various names and descriptors magnify His…

LOVE IS BEFORE LOVE DOES — 10 Things Love Is — 1 Corinthians 13

By Carey Dean / February 7, 2024

One of the most famous chapters in the bible is 1 Corinthians 13. Its excerpts are often spoken in marriage ceremonies, printed on Valentine’s Day cards, and composed as song…

Believe That I Am

By Carey Dean / March 9, 2023

The Gospel is the Holy Spirit’s presentation of the person and work of Jesus Christ to humanity. The advent of Christ ushered in the long-awaited Promised One. Although Israel had…

Once and For All

By Carey Dean / November 29, 2022

In His first advent, Jesus came as a newborn to His creation. Yet His first breath on earth was not His beginning, for He is eternal and has always been.…

The Empty Tomb

By Carey Dean / March 22, 2022

he defeat of sin and death. Remove the empty tomb from the gospel, and the storyline becomes a senseless death and an incomplete resurrection. But with the stone rolled away, the cross and the resurrection of Jesus are proven true and efficacious.