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By Jeff Pallansch / November 30, 2021

Christmas is a season of awe. It’s a time when we celebrate God’s extravagant display of grace, humility, and wisdom that runs contrary to conventional thinking: the King of Kings…

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? Geocentrism: Lessons from a Hard Goodbye

By Jeff Pallansch / October 20, 2021

The timing of creation is not the first heated debate the church has worked through on a science-related topic. For three hundred years, the church wrestled over the location of the earth within our solar system. Although emerging scientific findings indicated the sun was at the center of our solar system and the earth rotated around it (heliocentrism), many fervently argued from the Bible that such findings were wrong.

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? The Clarity of Scripture

By Jeff Pallansch / September 21, 2021

Some have questioned: Isn’t the Bible is a simple book written for the average person to understand? Should considerations such as Hebrew syntax, literary forms, and the cultural context be necessary for one to properly understand Genesis 1-2? What about the clarity of Scripture? Doesn’t a technical analysis undermine this doctrine and imply the Bible is inaccessible to the masses?

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? The Continuation of Day Seven

By Jeff Pallansch / September 8, 2021

aving examined Moses’ construction of the first six days of creation, let us now turn our attention to the seventh day when God rests from His labor. One of the striking features of this day is its lack of closure. Unlike the first six days, day seven has no concluding refrain about this day drawing to an end (“and there was evening and there was morning, ______ day”). As readers, we are left wondering why Moses breaks here from his standard pattern. Why does he not depict this day drawing to a close? Has it not yet ended?

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? The Significance of Evening and Morning

By Jeff Pallansch / August 18, 2021

“And there was evening, and there was morning, ______ day.” As you may recall from a previous article, this is one of the four phrases Moses uses to structure Genesis…

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? Moses’ Unique Construction for Numbering the Days

By Jeff Pallansch / August 11, 2021

In Genesis 1, Moses numbers the days of creation using a unique construction. In fact, he presents them in a way that is different from all other numbered sequences in…

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long?

By Jeff Pallansch / August 5, 2021

In our last article, we examined how Moses presents a different order of events within Genesis 2 than he did in Genesis 1 – particularly the order of God creating Adam and then the animals. This diverse ordering is not due to misinformation or multiple authors.

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? The Non-Chronological Arrangement of Genesis 2

By Jeff Pallansch / July 28, 2021

Having examined how the literary arrangements of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 develop, let us now pause to reflect upon any insights that can be gleaned concerning the timing of…

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? The Structural Correlation between Genesis 1 and 2

By Jeff Pallansch / July 20, 2021

Having examined the literary arrangement of Genesis 1 and then Genesis 2, we can now reflect on how they correspond and the significance of their development. Let’s dive into the…

Were the Days of Creation 24 Hours Long? An In-Depth Look at Genesis 1-2

By Jeff Pallansch / July 5, 2021

The Structure of Genesis 1 Genesis 1 is a structural masterpiece. The intentionality Moses gives to crafting it is quite astounding. So, let’s start by looking at the overarching arrangement…