Jim Virkler, Author at John Ankerberg Show

Articles by Jim Virkler

Invasives, Non-natives, and Ecosystems

Invasive Species Nightmare

Neowise–A Sky Spectacular

Locust Plagues–Ancient to Modern

Active Nature Observers

Networking with Nature

By the Numbers

Incredible Virus World

The Case for Microbe Parasites


Bondage to Decay

Causes and Effects of Mutated Viruses

Viruses in Family History

Why Is COVID-19 “Novel?”

Virus Profusion and COVID-19

Beneficial and Worrisome Infectious Agents

Food Web Wonders

Feeding the Mammals

Feeding the Birds

Dual Reality

Natural, Supernatural, Preternatural, or Paranormal?

Dichotomy in Supernatural Realms

Dimensionality Musings

The Malevolent Paranormal

Demonology and the UAP/UFO Connection

Unidentified and Mysterious

Knowledge Gain: UAPs are real!

UFOs, RUFOs, and UAPs

Of This World?

Astronomy–Extraordinaire or Mundane?

Cosmic “Wow” Experiences

Autumn Decline vs Potential for Renewal

Autumn Farewell to Monarchs

Anthropic Principle and Anthropocentrism

Beginnings and Designs

Discovering Climate Truth

Climate Change: Separating Blame from Cause

Climate and Truth

Energy Transformations During Travel

Energy Types

Creation of Energy

Moon Landing at 50 Years

Fossil Fuels in Family History

Carbon Concerns

Wondering About Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fueled Civilization

Ecclesiastes: The Preacher’s Scientific Musings

Recurring Spring Cycles

Wonders of Spring

Climate Change Benefits

Attitudes toward Science

Presidential Message on Earth Day, 2019

Politically and Scientifically Correct

Climate Change Catastrophism

Symphonic Science

Weather Is All About Heat

Seasonal Trivia

Meteorolgical or Astronomical Spring?

Biomes and Ecosystens

Vortex Redux

Vanishing Vortex

Winter’s Statistical Wonders

Confessionalism in the Book of Job

Science in the Book of Job

Well-Ordered Systems

Truth Transmission

Obscure Time Frames

Historic Torrents

Evidence of Glaciers Past

Ice Age Literacy

Air Travel Science

Monarchs–Migrating and Non-migrating

Mystery of Unbelief

Trails of Knowledge

Trail Hiker Science

Insect Profusion

Spider Brains

Ecology and Environment

Wonders of Orb-Weavers

God’s Nature in the Mundane

Understanding the Nature of God

Birds–A Special Class

Earth–Exceptional or One-of-a-Kind?

Dismissing ET

Really Alone?

Alone in the Universe

Coordinating Celestial Observations

Summer Solstice Splendor

Regulations on Human Innovation

Human Knowledge and God’s Image

Peril, Paradise, or Divine Plan?

Genetic Modification Fears

GMOs–>Genetic Editing

Genetic Modifications

Spring Planting

Weather Prognostication

Weather of Discontent

Biblical Food Truths

Food Triggers

Rapid Human Revolutions

God’s Image in Pre-historic Humanity

Humanity’s Last 2000 Centuries

Hawking’s Time Discovery

Editing the DNA Code

Epigenetics Buzzword

Life’s Developmental Miracle

Inspirational Eclipses

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Intelligent Mind at Work

Farewell to Mutation and Natural Selection

Identity of Intelligence

Intelligent Design or Intelligent Cells?

Design or Pattern?

Buoyant Backyard Birds

Modern Climate Stability

Extended Creation Events

Full Humanity

Transformational Creation Miracles

Our Miracle Immersed Planet

Humanity’s Home Preparation

What Sort of Miracle?

Earth without Seasons

Sustained by Seasons

Spectrum of Weather Events

Coping with Problems and Tragedy

Is Earth Really a Place to Thrive?

Universal Perfection

Hurricane Genesis

Pondering Hurricanes

Galveston or Houston?

Eclipse “Everest” Experience

Reality Of Shadows

Accidental Moon?

The Total Solar Eclipse: Reflections

Exceptional Total Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse Geometry

Error-free Beginnings and Endings

No Creation Errors

Repeating Natural Wonders

Science or Ideology?

Harmful Climate Actions

Climate Change Reprise

Climate Accord?

Paris Climate Globalism

James Clerk Maxwell’s Apologetic

Particle Reality

Air Power

Pressured and Sustained by Air

Non-Obvious Causes

A World Working Well

Forces of Air Pressure

Into Thin Air

Visions of God

Faith in God’s Reality

Invisible God-connection

God’s Invisibility

Affirming God for Children

Exoplanet Science Fiction

3537 Exoplanets and Counting

Youth Science/Faith Apologetics

Old- or New-Fashioned Winter?

Weather or Climate Change?

Consciousness in Animals

Systems Integration

Superbowl Control Systems

Consciousness–A Fundamental Property?

Fundamentals of Consciousness

Explaining Conscious Thought

Brain Power

Born or Raised, Nature or Nurture?

Gifted Prodigies

Salt as Feltilizer

Gifts to Men

Plant Adaptation

The Domestication Syndrome


Genetics–King of Domestication

Physical/Spiritual Dualities

Autumn’s Temporary Decline

History and Prehistory

Agricultural Turning Point

Glaciers and Humanity

Glacial Wisdom

Antiquity’s Agricultural Revolution

Domestication Revolution

Hybrid Vigor

Designer Plants

Food Security

Agricultural Bounty

Vacation Science and Geography

Science Appreciation for Kids

Science in the City

Progress of Millennia

A Startling Irony

Message of the Medium

Creative Coding

GPS and Digital Technology

God’s Positioning System

Creation Care

Forced to Agree

Unsettled Science

Enduring the Heat

Scientists Ask–Is God Dead?

Divine Credibility for Children

Glimpses of God

Magisteria Overlap

Evidence of God’s Existence

Why So Invested?

Evidence or Proof

Creation’s Plentiful Wonders

Creative Punctuations

God’s Joy in Creating

Joy in Creating

Humanity’s Divine Image

A Playful God

Light and Time

Time or Timeless

What Came Before

A Gifted Einstein

Variety of Giftedness

Natural Born Scientists: Children

Torrance’s Scientific Theology

Unified Forces

Maxwell and Einstein

Grip of Gravity

Healthy Revolutions for Multiplying Population

Population Concerns

Population Multiplication

Senescence Reprise

Inclusive Worldview

Worldview Apologetics

God’s Biological Processes

Chemical Tags for Our Genome

Epigenetics: Under the Surface

Epigenetic Prologue

Epigenetics and Phenotype

More Protein Wonders

Genomics and Beyond

Wonders of Proteins

DNA and Body Building

Culture Grip

Hard Problem of Consciousness

Basis of Consciousness

Exuberant Wildlife

Supermoon Eclipses

Cambrian Connection

Cambrian Fossil Mystery

Intelligence Discovery

Creationism vs ID

Stephen Meyer, Design Advocate

Migration Mysteries

Just Right Elements

Telescopic Macrocosmos

Violent Cosmic Crash

Moon Musings

Adapting to Seasons

Seasons by the Stars

Copernicus Affirmed

Is Seeing Believing?

Movement in the Skies

Semicolon in the Sky

On Their Own Terms

Wildlife Perspectives

‘Wrath of God’ Headliner

Hundred Year Events

Temporary Suffering

No More Decay

Temporary Medical Intervention

Healing Questions

Deposing the Queen

MN and Metaphysical Naturalism

Methodological Confusion

Scientific Revolution Methodology

Discovery or Revolution?

Uplift or Accident

Salvation is Created

The Wrong Question

Goals for Church Science

Matter Facts

Constant Creation Care

Original Creation Care

Science or Natural Theology?

Core Concerns

Matter’s Sustaining Power

Impossible without EMR

Electromagnetic Reality

Surrounded by Radiation

Discovery and Discussion

Element Identity

Spectrum of Elements

Bottom Up or Top Down?

Suffused with Intelligence

Supernaturalism Works!

Does Naturalism Work?

Reasonable Origins Accounts

Ruse and Rana Debate

The Question of Cells

No Soup For You

Life Sustaining Food

What Hath God Wrought!

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