Dr. Steven C. Riser, Author at John Ankerberg Show

Articles by Dr. Steven C. Riser

Christ’s Formula for Freedom

Deception – Discerning the Devil’s Most Dangerous Device

Obedience – The Gateway to Moral Freedom

Joy Is a Decision

Positive Christianity—The Joy of Being A Christian

Can I Really Live A Virtuous Life

Facing Financial Facts – How to Kill the Debt Monster

The Truth About Thanksgiving

Discerning, Deciding and Doing God’s Will

Your Most Important Relationship

True Worship

Learn it, Love It, Live It

Integrity – The Key to Character and the Cure for Inconsistency

Growing in the Knowledge of God

How to Live a Biblically Balanced Life

Do Trials make You Bitter or Better?

What Kind of Fool Am I

The Reality and Relevance of the Resurrection

The Hydra – The Many-Headed Monster of Secular Humanism

Temptation: The Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It

Why Should I Become an Active Member of a Church?

The Biblical Explanation of Creation

The Perilous Problem of Pride

Who Do You Think You Are – Developing A Biblically-Based Self-Image

The Sin Nobody Talks About – Covetousness

What’s the Big Deal About Worldview

The Modern Myth of the Immoral Majority

Actions Speak Louder With Words

Repentance – Restoring the Joy of Our Salvation

The Road Less Traveled

The Great Pretender! (The Anatomy of Hypocrisy)

Cultivating Christian Convictions

If I Were a Church Member

God’s Job Description

12 Principles for Personal Progress

A God-Centered Motivation for Reformed Evangelism

The Blessing of Experiencing the Biblical Assurance of Salvation

The Serene Secularist – How a Non-Christian Thinks and Acts

The Ministry of Encouragement – Oxygen for the Soul

How to Mix Religion and Politics

Learning the Secret of Being Content

What Can the Righteous Do?

The Pernicious Effects of Pornography

The Powerless Panacea of Politics

The Way We Were (Before Christ)

The One Thing That Is Needed

The Anatomy of Contemporary Idolatry

Taking God Seriously

Psychology of Unbelief: Skepticism, Agnosticism and Atheism

Living a Life Without Regrets

Is God Your Screen Saver?

How Not To Go Crazy – The Sojourners Secret (How to Find Stability in Unstable Times)

How Christians Can Positively Impact Others

Discerning Spiritual Truth

Developing a Biblical Understanding of Success

Cultural Chaos: Moral Confusion and Spiritual Corruption

Be Humble: Be Wise and Realistic

Conforming to the Character and Conduct of Christ

All That Is In the World

Enthusiasm Energizes Everyone

The Spiritual Disciplines

Why Do We Have Evil in the World?

The Grace and Discipline of Humility

The Kingdom of Self

Learning to Love Others

The Twin Acts of Reason

Whatever Became of Sin?

The Proper Care of the Heart

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