Behold the Sun

By: Carl Teichrib; ©2002
Solar imagery plays a prominent role in occult lore, as Carl Teichrib points out in this article. Symbols of Sun worship can be seen throughout the world in various buildings and ceremonies.
Symbols are keyholes to doors in the walls of space, and through them man peers into Eternity. Manly P. Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 357.
Symbols possess an esoteric language, a secret code, which the [occult] student must decipher and whose meaning he or she must unlock. —Erwin W. E. Watermeyer, “Symbols: The Tools of Initiation,” Rosicrucian Digest, March 1985.
…symbols form a visual shorthand for ideas—and yet their functions and meanings extend to something much more than that. —Jack Tresidder, Dictionary of Symbols, p. 6.

Throughout the ages, certain symbols have been employed to communicate hidden mystical and religious messages. For practitioners of the occult and students of the “mys­tery schools,” these symbols are tools specifically used in communicating their secret doctrines. And while these symbols are often many centuries old, their meanings have remained essentially the same. In fact, as the public extension of ancient occult teachings, the New Age movement has placed mystical symbolism squarely in the face of our modern culture. What makes this especially disturbing is that while the “marks” of occultism can be found throughout society, we no longer recognize their spiritual implications. Conversely, just because the average person doesn’t know the meaning of occult symbols, it in no way negates their significance. Manly P. Hall, one of the most influential occultists of the last century, wrote this of symbols, “They are centers of a mighty force, figures pregnant with an awful power….” (Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 356)

Solar Deification:

We’ve touched on solar imagery to some extent in past occult symbol articles. However, because the Sun is such a predominant part of occult lore, a more detailed look is required. Please keep in mind; because the Sun plays such a central part in occult symbolism, this article will not do the subject justice. In reality, volumes could be written on the subject of solar symbolism alone.

In Genesis, God created the Sun, calling it “good.” Its purpose: to provide the Earth with light and to separate the day from the night (Genesis 1:14). Moreover, the Sun is neces­sary to sustain life as we know it. God, in His infinite wisdom, established for mankind a celestial body capable of giving the Earth light, warmth, and food (photosynthesis)—among other life essential duties. All of this is done within the fine balance of distance, gravity, and atmospheric protection from the Sun’s deadly rays. Truly, God created a marvelously delicate yet powerful system to support life.

As fantastic as God’s design is, and as much as it points to Him, mankind has taken God’s creation and has offered it worship. Romans chapter 1 clearly states that mankind has turned to worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator….” Besides actual worship, man has also used the Sun as a representative—or symbol—of various “supreme deities.”

The Egypt mystery cults offer a prime example of this. Barbara Watterson, an extramural lecturer on Egyptology, explains in her book Gods of Ancient Egypt,

The sun was worshipped in different forms, under several names. The most important sun gods were: Re, who was the sun’s disk itself, the noonday sun; Khepri, who was thought of as a beetle…and denoted the rising sun; Atum, who was thought of as an old man leaning on a stick and representing the setting sun; Horus, who usually took the form of a falcon; Horakhty, another falcon god, whose name means ‘Horus-of-the-Two-Horizons’, and who, when coalesced with Re as Re-Horakhty, became identified with the sun; Aten…was represented as the sun’s disk with rays which terminated in hands.

On the European continent—especially in Scandinavia—the cult of the sun predomi­nated the region as far back as 1200 to 1500 years before Christ. Solar images such as the Trundholm Chariot with its sun-disk, rock art depicting solar symbols, and solar-wheel offerings provide glimpses into the Celtic-Nordic/European fascina­tion with the Sun.

In Rome, the Sun god was known as Sol. Later, this solar deity become identified with the Greek god Helios, who “was said to drive his chariot westward across the sky,” and whose daily arrival “was an­nounced by the goddess Eos….” (The Dictionary of World Myth, p. 93).

And in the “new world” of the Americas, the Aztecs and Incas each had deities ascribed to the Sun. Moreover, in the case of the Aztec religious system, human sacrifice and solar worship were directly linked. Ptolemy Tompkins, in his book, This Tree Grows Out of Hell—a journey through the mystical and historical world of Mesoamerica—describes one of the numerous solar-sacrificial events,

Victims would line up on the innumerable Aztec festival days before the steps of one of the many pyramids that anchored the Aztec cities with full knowledge of what awaited them on its summit, the queue sometimes stretching, it has been said, for lengths of a mile or more into the city’s streets…. Following one after another up steps that were black and slippery with the blood of those who had gone before them, each of these victims, upon reaching the temple at the summit, was seized and spread across a large, round, and slightly convex stone. The victim’s chest was swiftly broken open by a head priest with a heavy flint knife. This same priest then reached into the victim’s body and with his hands ripped out the still beating heart, which he held aloft for the approval of the four directions of the sun….

As gruesome as this is, it is just one example of historical solar sacrifices. How many people died to appease the Aztec spiritual hierarchy and the Sun they so venerated? How many others have died in societies and cultures where Sun sacrifices were conducted? Only God knows for sure.

Religious solar symbolism is still around today. Esoteric orders such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, and the various secretive hermetic societies—all employ occult Sun representations. These symbols convey the idea of Sun “Life” and deification, the concept of spiritual illumination through nature and the cosmos, and the processes of spiritual birth, rebirth, and regeneration—all of which have been taught in the mystery doctrines of ancient Egypt, Nordic Europe, and other “mystery religions.”

The modern New Age movement—which is just an offshoot of these more base esoteric/ spiritually secretive orders—is filled with Sun symbolism. Furthermore, the New Age di­rectly employs the teachings and doctrines of native religions, black Druid and Celtic traditions, and Eastern metaphysical concepts & Gold(Buddhism and Hinduism especially, which also have solar Sun components to their belief systems). Thanks to the New Age movement and the subsequent resurgence of occultism, the ancient solar gods (Lucifer’s agents) and their representative images are now exerting themselves upon our society with a vengeance.

How so? As our culture steadily plunges downward into the darkness of occult doctrine, watch as solar symbols crop up in unexpected places. One example is the newly designed Egyptian-themed Paramount movie theatre on the south side of Calgary, Alberta, which incorporates numerous solar representations and symbols.

Examples abound across North America; sports arenas (Memphis, TN—a capped pyra­mid representing a “hill of light” and the power of the Sun), public buildings and monuments (the Washington Monument—obelisks are Egyptian sun-god symbols), museums, libraries, and other community centers are often seen bearing an Egyptian, Rosicrucian, and/or Masonic motif. Some of these public displays—such as the Washington Monument—have been in our midst for generations. Some, such as Calgary’s Paramount Theatre, are new.

Beyond “buildings,” our society is inundated with solar symbolism through television, movies, and our educational system. Even Christian schools are not immune. A couple of years ago a mid-west Christian elementary school held a class play based on the Egyptian Osirian myth. In actuality, the teacher had naively led the students through the Egyptian Osirian-rebirth ritual—the most important “base ritual” for all occult schools of initiation (the Osirian ritual is solar in its orientation). Indeed, the “Black Sun”—the dark illumination of occultism—is gaining dominance in our spiritual landscape.

As Christians, this “pagan invasion” should cause us to seek “first the Kingdom of God,” for our home is not of this world. And as follow­ers of the SON of God—not the Sun of God—we need to be spiritually attuned to the religious undercurrents which are shaping our communi­ties, schools, churches, businesses, and homes.

It’s time to stand firm in the faith, firm in the truth, and firm against the principalities and powers of this dark world (Ephesians 6).

(Carl Teichrib is a Canadian based researcher and writer on global­ization and the occult. Carl may be reached by emailing: [email protected]. )


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