Eastern Gurus

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2000
What do the eastern Gurus teach? Are there dangers in following their example or their beliefs?

Eastern Gurus

From the Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs (Harvest House, 1996)

Info at a Glance

Description: Eastern gurus constitute a large class of Hindu occultists who have come to America to spread the teachings of Hinduism, especially its necessary spiritual practices for achieving enlightenment.

Founder: Different schools of Hinduism have different founders. Shankara (9th C. A.D.)founded the advaita school, which is the teaching of most Hindu gurus in America.

How does it claim to work? Through practices such as altered states of consciousness, meditation, and yoga, disciples are told they will achieve a form of spiritual “enlighten­ment” and thereby realize their true nature as being one essence with the highest Hindu God, Brahman.

Examples of occult potential: Psychic development, spirit contact, and possession. The gurus accept a wide variety of occult practices.

Major Problems: The gurus’ claims to represent, or incarnate, God and to offer higher forms of spirituality, which they say are desperately needed in the West, is contradicted by their teachings. Collectively, the gurus are a powerful vehicle for spreading dangerous forms of pagan spirituality and practice in America.

Biblical/Christian evaluation: Despite their claims to represent God or Jesus, and to not contradict Christian belief, the gurus’ teachings and practices are implicitly hostile to biblical theology and instruction.

Potential Dangers: Social withdrawal, moral compromise, psychological damage, demonization.

Note: You can find out more about the goals and practices of the eastern gurus in The Facts on Hinduism in America. (See the On-line Product Catalog.)

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