Galatians – Wayne Barber – Gal. 1:3-5 – The Gospel of Grace – Part 1 – Audio

By: Dr. Wayne Barber; ©2003
We’re going to be looking at verses 3-5 today as we talk about the gospel of grace. The apostle Paul has stepped forward as God’s authority. You see, God’s Word has been challenged. Anytime error gets around us God’s Word is challenged, and Paul is the man. He held up his badge. He says in verse 1, “Paul, an apostle.” God’s Word is so precious and God had these men called apostles in that day. These are the ones that gave us the New Testament. The kind of apostle that the apostle Paul was, was unique in his day and non-existent in our day..

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Galatians 1:3-6 – The Gospel of Grace – Part 1


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