How and when will “the man of sin” be revealed (2 Thess. 2:3)?

By: Dr. Renald Showers; ©1996
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How and when will “the man of sin” be revealed?

Dr. Renald Showers: What does Paul mean, in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, by the man of sin being revealed? How will he be revealed and when will that take place? Some hold the view that he won’t be revealed until the middle of the Tribulation period whenever he announces that he is God. According to the Scriptures, there are several other things that will transpire long before he announces he is God in the middle of the Tribulation period. Several other things will transpire that will indicate who the Antichrist is.
According to Daniel 7 the Antichrist will be an eleventh ruler who will rise to power from within the revived Roman Empire that will have ten divisions with ten equal rulers, and as this eleventh ruler rises to power, he will overthrow three of the original ten rulers that were already there. Daniel 7 makes it very clear that’s who the Antichrist is: that eleventh ruler who overthrows three and thereby gains controlling authority over the revived Roman Empire.

Now again, he’s going to have to be in that position of authority in order to confirm a covenant with Israel and according to Daniel 9:27, the confirming of the covenant between Antichrist and Israel is the historic event that will officially begin the seven-year Tribulation period. It’s not the Rapture of the Church that begins the seven-year Tribulation period, it’s the confirming of this covenant between Antichrist and Israel that officially begins the seven-year Tribulation period. And, even that event, the confirming of the covenant, will identify who the Antichrist is three and a half years before he announces that he is God.

But some would say, “But wait a minute. The unsaved world isn’t going to recognize that he is an evil man until he announces that he is God in the middle of the Tribulation period.” Paul’s not talking here about this man being recognized by the unsaved world. He’s talking about this man of sin being revealed, whether the world recognizes it or not. God has given a lot of revelation to the world and it’s here and it’s genuine but the world, the unsaved world won’t recognize the revelation God has given. We’re talking here about revealing the man of sin, and Daniel 7 and Daniel 9 points out some things that will transpire by the beginning of the Tribulation period that will reveal the Antichrist: his rising to power as an eleventh ruler within that ten division revived Roman Empire and overthrowing three of the original ten rulers and then once he’s in that position of authority, then at the very beginning of the Tribulation period confirming a covenant with the nation of Israel.


  1. Jeannie on February 3, 2021 at 9:45 pm

    Excellent! I learned just what I needed to know. You gave a superb explanation. God bless you!

    • Michael on December 12, 2022 at 5:55 pm

      Agreed – best summary I’ve seen yet

  2. pete on March 15, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    A good point. Paul was trying to squash rumors even in his time about the LORD’s return in his day in 2 Thes 2: 1-2
    Paul goes back to Daniel in 2 Thes 2: 3 which talks about the rebellion which is just before the abomination of
    desolation which the LORD said to watch for – again back to Daniel. This is important because that is when the LORD returns for HIS people (rapture) and many things happen in close timing including the man of sin being revealed.

  3. Israel on March 31, 2021 at 6:24 am

    Jesus said ‘come as a child ‘ as Prophecy is that simple! the antiChrist/ man of sin/ son of perdition wants to magnify himself equal to who Jesus is [Matt27;37] ; king of the Jews & what Jesus is; the right hand son [Hebrew-Binyamin] & God’s Gift[ Hebrew- Netanyahu -not his real name but change to magnify ]. Now he has been revealed understand he rules over the divided kingdom under Rome[Daniel2] Israel to the North & Judah to the South that had a ten toe foundation-Joseph died on the journey & Levi lived amongst ALL as Rabbis -neither took up land in S.E ancient Greece – out of the divided kingdom comes the stone cut[JESUS] that becomes a mountain- not out of divided Rome which did not exist. They ruled over themselves [kings] & as Jesus says’ pay to Rome what is Rome’s’ -taxes…….Daniel 7 the Beast reemerges interpreted[insight] -History foretold in Prophecy;- in 1947 the Lion [United Kingdom] with the eagles wings[USA] as one after their WW2 alliance were torn apart when against the Lion’s wishes the Eagles wings sided with the Bear[USSR] with 3 ribs torn out-Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania- talking the 4 wings of the Arabic leopard-Lebanon,Syria ,Jordan & Egypt- into allowing the Annexation of Palestine for the Nation State of Israel . The proposal was put before the United Nations & passed with one dissenting vote- The Lion- that was made to walk on it’s own 2 feet as policeman for 12mnths until Nationhood 1948 being repeatedly bombed by the Stern Gang forerunners to Mid East Terrorism .It crushes down ALL around it & even the elect[Christians] will be fooled & wonder after the BEAST. ……WAS 1996 the 11th king & 8th head [as 3 repeat twice] known as the ‘little horn[son]=Hebrew -BIBI -7th head fatally wounded-Rabin- when he came to office ;5 were gone[dead], one is to come [& did as Pres.Perez many years], one a short time to go[ Shamir d. 2014]….like a leopard[ native born Arabic Palestine different to All before- or since] feet like bear [parents USSR-the bear] speaks like lion [bellows Hebrew & English-lion languages]….WAS NOT 1999 subdues 3 kings[Dan11]..1.Barak- presents ‘daughter of women ‘[Jerusalem] as combined capitol- removed..2. goes to the coastland-Sharon directs war Gaza travels there ,stroke , removed goes into nursing home…3the taxcollector -Olmert formerly treasurer- removed WAS AGAIN 2009 until election failure April 2019 -caretaker king until May 2020 coalition with B Gantz until election failure March 2021 -caretaker king unable to form Govt; when[Dan7;25] his ‘they [Israel] will be given into his hand a Time[ 3.5yrs-Biblical Hour] Times[X3.5yrs] &a half a Time[+ 1.75yrs] = 14years concealed[Dan12;9] until the Time of the END -Now! his Time is UP! Then Daniel 7;26 when ‘Court will be called to Judgement’ – then he will be permanently removed -Rev10;1.Binyamin Netanyahu 666 old Hebrew Gematria who rules over the Great City Harlot Babylon- JERUSALEM with the blood of the Prophets on it & where the Last Two will be murdered ;she sits on 7 mountains;Zion , Moriah, Ophel, Bezetha, Cared, Acre & sacred blooded Golgotha…….the servant listens as Yeshu speaks….HE LIVES …..Baruch Hashem in Yeshu ha Moshiach……sadly Israel is the Beast simply because we murdered God’s Messiah Son sent to redeem us & only those that listen to the Last Two Prophets sent will survive through their new found Faith in their Messiah ; Jesus Christ…..Shalom …old Messianic Jew …called Israel…….WHAT WAS CONCEALED NOW REVEALED….Blessings.

  4. Israel on June 24, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    ALL prophecy is written by , to, about & will be fulfilled through the Children of Israel -God’s Chosen….June 2021 -14yrs is up -now watch for ‘Dan7;26 ‘court will be called to judgement’ so with criminal conviction son of perdition cannot return to the throne! ….For those that have missed it :- Dan9;27- in January 2016 Netanyahu [anti-Christ -3rd? act of parliament 1996 to try to ban the teaching of Christianity in Israel-failed & who has been trying to pass Law to mark the Children of Israel with his Teva Biotec micro chip r/hand last two years- failed] asked Pope Francis to confirm the ‘Covenant[Mosaic] of Old’ in the Great Synagogue Rome which he did making him the false Prophet as only God or HIS Messiah Yeshu Son that HE sent to redeem us[which we Jews murdered making us the BEAST]have that right! The last week is however I believe broken with a Delay[Rev10;6] that will be complete when the man of sin is removed & the WOES take place then the Little Book will be given to the Last Two Prophets who will arrive to measure the New Temple under construction………We are very close …..Maranatha Shalom….Israel…old Messianic Jew…. Please pray my family listen to these two last sent that a large remnant will be saved…Shalom.

  5. called Israel on February 5, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    The man of sin /antiChrist / son of perdition came to the Throne- WAS- 1996 as the 11th king[Male Prime Minister] & 8th head [3 repeat office twice-of the Beast that demanded & got from Rome the Crucifixion/murder of God’s Messiah Son [Yeshu ha Moshiach- meaning’ there is’; ‘the’; ‘anointed one’] causing God to turn HIS Face from them almost 2000yrs letting ALL that has befallen them since- 7th head Rabin was fatally wounded. …WAS NOT 1999- trod down 3 kings WAS AGAIN 2009 until 2021 minus 12months as powerless caretaker king until B. Ganz alliance totalling 14years! ‘they[Israel] will be given into his[antiChrists ]hand Time[Biblical hour =3.5yrs] X Time [3.5yrs] & a half a Time [+1.75yrs]’ = total 14years -Prophecy fulfilled!…… having returned for his Last 42month Authority per prophecy Gregorian calendar- 7 yrs cycle- 30th December 2022 should be removed 30th June 2026?…….also from the renewing of the Mosaic Covenant in the Great Synagogue Rome 17th January 2016 by Pope Francis at the invitation of the 666 man[in old Heb. Gematria] if you add 7 year cycle -17th January 2023 plus the Hebrew 42 months -Hebrew 1260days- again you come to 30th June 2026!….Convergence of calendars!….Does this mean we will see the arrival of the Last Two Prophets spoken of by mighty Isaiah 44;1-8 -chosen ,named, & called MY WITNESSES? for the 2nd deadly half of the Last Week?……watch & see!……Baruch Hashem ….in Yeshu ha Moshiach’s name….HE Lives! …..Shalom…old Messianic Jew.

  6. called Israel on February 5, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    As Time Progresses understanding is made clearer……I see we are very, very, near the END …..I pray my family Israel understands who our Messiah is as much of the World already has or they will not simply survive . …Pray for a LARGE Remnant……Maranatha Shalom….old Messianic Jew.

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