“In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

By: Rev. Sam Harris; ©2002
What Scriptures are there that teach that we should pray in the name of Jesus? Rev. Harris gives us some examples.

This is an excellent question as we have heard people pray and not end their prayer “in Jesus’ name” or another phrase so related. Many times, they will simply end with “amen.” Frequently, at large gatherings such as football games, civic functions, etc., some­one will open and/or close the event with a prayer and simply conclude with an “amen.” They don’t want to “offend” others who might not believe as they do.

Scripture is clear, however, on this matter as recorded for us in John 14:13 & 14, in these words of Jesus: “And whatever you ask in My Name that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it.”

There are several important things for us to understand about prayer in this passage.

  1. Whatever you are praying about, can you honestly pray for it “in the name of Jesus?” Is what I am praying for to meet my own selfish desires? It’s very similar to wearing the bracelet “WWJD?” What would Jesus do? Whatever we are praying for we should not be ashamed to pray for it in Jesus’ name. The prayer which is based on self will not be answered because it is prayed in the name of self and not in the name of Jesus.
  2. When you pray, will the answer you are seeking “glorify God”? Our chief end is to glorify God. Jesus taught His disciples that the requests made in His name would be ful­filled so that “the Father will be glorified in the Son.” When that is our primary concern, we can be confident that He will answer our prayers according to His perfect will.

Often I have the privilege of praying with individuals and families who have loved ones in the Emergency Room or one of the ICU units of our hospital. My prayer always includes a phrase such as “that God will heal the patient according to His perfect will, in the name of Jesus.” The healing may come through medication, surgery, “instant,” or even death. (Death is the perfect healing!) However God decides to bring healing, we want His perfect will—that which will glorify Him. As the Lord has worked in the healing process, I have seen lives touched as families see the evidence of God’s working in the patient’s life and their lives. Their faith and prayers have become a testimony to others of seeking God’s perfect will and God being glorified through it all.

Take a look at Romans 15:30. Paul writes these words: “Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me….”

Paul is headed toward Jerusalem, and he knew what awaited him there. As we know, he would be arrested and spend the next four years in prison—two in Caesarea and two in Rome. He knew the dangers that lay ahead, and he asked for the prayers of the Christian Church in Rome. He requests that the prayers for him are “by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the Love of the Spirit.” Another illustration of praying “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

We should not shy away from or be ashamed to pray “in the name of Jesus.” Scripture requires it, and the answers that come will glorify the Father.

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