Inoculate Your Children Against Political Correctness!

By: Dr. Tom Snyder; ©2000
What are the dangers of being “politically correct”? Should you be worried that your children are being taught political correctness through such programs as Outcome Based Education, School-to-Work, and Goals 2000 programs? Dr. Snyder explains.



America’s public and private schools, including most colleges and universities, are corrupting the nation’s youth with a radical form of political correctness. This political correctness actually originates from an extreme political ideology called Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism has adopted a divide and conquer strategy that uses terms like “diversity” and “tolerance” to demonize anyone who opposes it. This brand of political correctness stems from the Marxist teachings of left-wing intellectuals like Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm who influenced the 1960s student radicals. They also influenced the American educational establishment, which had already been radicalized by the socialist policies of the “progressive education movement.” This movement was led by the atheist, socialist, globalist teachings of philosopher John Dewey (1859-1952). The socialist ideologies of both the Marxists and John Dewey have their roots in the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778). The American education establishment, including most colleges and universities, the National Education Association (NEA) and most teacher unions (espe­cially those affiliated with the NEA), have adopted the radical political correctness of Cul­tural Marxism. Not only has this radical political correctness infected our schools, it also has infected the news media, big business, the hallowed halls of the Unites States Con­gress, presidential campaigns, and even churches and other religious groups.

Those who adopt the politically correct beliefs of Cultural Marxism promote an aggres­sive socialist ideology. They often combine this socialist ideology with an aggressive atheist theology that relentlessly attacks the Bible and traditional religion. You can see the effects of this political correctness in education theories and programs like Outcome Based Edu­cation (OBE), School-to-Work laws and policies, and Goals 2000, the federal government’s covert takeover of public and private schools. These programs sometimes deviously try to pass themselves off as “moderate,” “centrist” or “compassionate” in order to gain emotional support from unwary people. Don’t be deceived, however!

In an effort to alert the public about this terrible menace, I have identified the following characteristics of this new, widespread political correctness or OBE:

Definition of Political Correctness (or OBE)

It says there are no absolutes and lets each child construct his own subjective value system, his own subjective meaning and his own subjective purpose, which are usually structured around race, gender and social class rather than traditional absolute truths and moral absolutes that everyone must believe and follow.

It uses whole language and post-modern techniques like “deconstruction” to under­mine the child’s search for absolute meaning and purpose in literature and in life, including the original intent of the Bible and the United States Constitution.

It stresses feelings, behaviors and attitudes rather than cognitive skills and objective academic knowledge.

It stresses cooperation and collaboration rather than competition so that the child thinks and acts like a socialist “progressive” who favors Communist-oriented programs that help Big Government take over Big Business.

It uses terms like “diversity,” “tolerance” and “multiculturalism” to promote a radical, socialist, homosexual agenda that censors the Bible, Christianity, references to the histori­cal Jesus Christ, legitimate criticisms of evolution, and traditional conservative ideas and ideals such as the right to bear firearms.

It says that man is an animal and can be trained like an animal by using atheist and New Age forms of psychology, including behavior modification techniques.

It attempts to develop a nationalized workforce (called “school to work” or “school to career”) that seeks to control all people entering the workforce, including those wanting to become entrepreneurs, nonprofit workers and religious professionals. The current system of career education, in fact, already discriminates against those who might have a talent for becoming entrepreneurs, nonprofit workers and religious professionals, three jobs that are seldom mentioned by high school and college guidance counselors. If fully implemented, Cultural Marxism or OBE would set up data files on everyone. Those files would include government-sanctioned “student portfolios” and government-sanctioned “Certificates of Mastery” and eventually would be linked to public and private school files. Government officials will use the layers of bureaucracy created by these programs to control all busi­nesses, not just all workers.

It advocates “parent education” whereby social workers can enter parents’ homes to give them “advice” and “aid” on raising their children. Such visits are used to detect child abuse, even highly-subjective “psychological” or “emotional” abuse. Under Cultural Marx­ism, OBE or Goals 2000 legislation, state and federal bureaucrats could broaden the defini­tion of abuse, as they have broadened the definition of “special education.”

It tries to establish layers of state, federal and local bureaucracy removed from the average voter, who consequently will become even more apathetic because of the in­creased difficulty of changing this huge governmental system.

It makes students, families and children wards of the State by herding more people into the social welfare state, including mandatory programs for “early childhood education,” such as those backed by crypto-fascists in the mass media of entertainment and in govern­ment. Under these plans, public schools will create “health care centers” that will do anti-Christian psychological counseling on children and provide abortion and birth control refer­rals for teenagers without their parents’ consent and even promote homosexual activity and other perverted sexual practices, including incest and pedophilia.

How to Fight Political Correctness

Teach students proper biblical critical thinking tools so they can learn to acquire knowl­edge and tell what is false and what is true by using logic and by objectively weighing factual evidence gleaned from reliable, credible historical documents and eyewitness testimony.

Teach intellectual and moral absolutes about truth, culture, philosophy, and morality instead of relativistic ideas. Help students use these intellectual and moral absolutes to give meaning and purpose to their lives.

Stress cognitive thinking skills and objective academic knowledge rather than feelings and personal opinions.

Teach traditional phonics, traditional math and traditional science. Get rid of modern education theories and methods that have not been scientifically tested in classrooms using comparative scientific methods with objective academic tests.

Teach objective principles of interpretation so that students can accurately compre­hend and analyze the intended meaning of a text.

Teach classic literature to every student so that they may know the works and thoughts of ancient and historical artists, philosophers, historians, and scientists.

Teach English to all students. Eliminate bilingual education. Teach at least one foreign language to all students.

Teach accurate study of Philosophy of Science so students can know the limits of science and the need for the basic laws of logic.

Teach students that they are not an animal descended from monkeys and pseudo humans like “Homo Erectus,” but are unique rational creatures who are supposed to treat their planet like a garden that should be cultivated.

Teach accurate study of Human Nature and Anthropology so that students know that human beings have an evil nature and, therefore, power must be limited and divided so that the people will not be ruled and exploited by evil dictators and government bureau­crats, nor huge national and international conglomerates and institutions.

Give students proper ethics training, with specific do’s and don’ts, such as “Human life always takes precedence over animal or plant life.”

Eliminate sex education material that advocates homosexual behavior, masturbation and sex outside of heterosexual marriage. Let the extremists who support the “Sexual Revolution” and its flawed research, which is based on the evil, fraudulent Kinsey Studies, pay for their own social indoctrination in this area! Stop stealing from the poor taxpayers to do it!!!

Teach accurate history about western civilization and western traditions; eliminate anti-western, anti-European, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-Bible bias from the hypocritical academic establishment of religious left extremists.

Teach accurate history about the United States of America and its traditions; eliminate anti-American, anti-European, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-Bible bias.

Teach accurate study of political philosophy, including accurate descriptions of liberal­ism, conservatism, libertarianism, and populism.

Teach accurate study of our nation’s system of limited government; eliminate pro-Communist/Fascist/Socialist bias and show that Communism and Socialism are really just Fascism with a smiling face. Teach the real history of the pro-Stalinist and pro-Nazi move­ment in the United States, Hollywood and the federal government.

Teach accurate study of the origins of socialism and traditional conservatism to show that America’s founding fathers would have totally rejected today’s secular and neo-pagan socialism. The socialism of today’s local, state and federal governments in America is actually a form of anti-American theophobia and Christophobia that comes from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the French Revolution, Karl Marx and his friend Engels, Charles Dar­win, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, John Dewey, Adolph Hitler, and former campus radicals and other students indoctrinated by Fascist Marxism who now pass themselves off as “moderates.”

Stress competition and personal excellence, but don’t neglect the importance of “team­work” in situations or endeavors that truly call for some kind of cooperation and collabora­tion, such as playing on a team sport.

Favor some independent study courses for all students before graduation. Require them to take both written and oral exams on the material.

Support a voluntary voucher system that will let each taxpayer determine for himself if he wants state education officials, private officials, or no one to levy taxes on him and administer the money to public schools and/or private schools of his own choice. To make up any money that is lost, especially to poor children, individuals should voluntarily support the education system with voluntary church groups, charity organizations, family groups, and business training developed gradually over time, while the current system is being substituted with the voluntary voucher system, and afterwards.

Oppose Goals 2000 programs, including school to work, school to career and Outcome Based Education.

Be wary of those who pass themselves off as compassionate moderates who claim to be “bipartisan,” yet viciously attack those who oppose them and their policies.

Strive for truth, goodness, justice, and excellence by using rational arguments that observe the basic laws of logic and by weighing factual evidence gleaned from reliable, credible historical documents and eyewitness testimony. Remember that love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth!

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you would like help in inoculating your children against political correctness based on these solutions, please contact Dr. Tom Snyder by writing or calling him at MOVIEGUIDE®, 2510-G Las Posas Road, #502, Camarillo, CA 93010, 1-805-383­2000.[[Category: ]]

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