MovieGuide ® Review – Constantine

By: Dr. Ted Baehr; ©2005
MovieGuide® calls Constantine “a gruesome, disgusting movie that radically revises Christian theology.”


MovieGuide ® Review


Very strong syncretistic pagan worldview where God and Satan are two equal opposing forces, with extreme false religious ideas that twist and pervert Chris­tian theology, including

  • a man who travels in and out of hell at will,
  • a satanic parody of the virgin birth,
  • no difference between good and evil,
  • the angel Gabriel conspires with hell to bring demons to earth,
  • angel tells man that he will surely go to hell for what he has done,
  • and a storyline which says that heaven and hell are equal forces locked in a race to destroy earth, including anti-biblical and anti-Christian content
  • blasphemes against God as an almighty, loving God,
  • and character prays to Satan to solve plot problem,
  • as well as strong anthropocentric viewpoint says that mankind must protect itself against the ambivalent powers of God and Satan,
  • and strong occult content with magical powers and incantations, with
  • a Christian premise in which character is looking for and earns redemption, although the conditions of his search are not of Christianity, nor does he earn redemption through Christ, …
  • horrific violence includes scenes in hell.

In Brief:

Constantine is a gruesome, disgusting movie that radically revises Chris­tian theology. Keanu Reeves plays John Constantine, a man who has supernatu­ral abilities to detect and communicate with demons and angels. After sending some particularly vicious demons back to hell, he realizes that Satan is trying to come to earth and take over. Constantine crosses paths with Angela, who also possesses abilities to communicate with the spirits and who Satan might be using in his plan. John fights demons and even goes to Hell and back to halt Satan’s progress.

The biggest problem with Constantine is that it casts God and Satan as two equal forces that both aim to destroy earth. John Constantine is ambivalent about which one wins, because in this movie’s version of earth, there is no differ­ence between good and evil. Biblical truth is constantly perverted, and at one point there is a satanic parody of the virgin birth. This despicable movie depicts the gruesomeness of Hell but fails to take its danger seriously, just as it fails to recognize the saving power of the Almighty God’s love. In addition, there is extreme gory violence to make the movie more revolting.

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