Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism/Part 8

By: John Ankerberg, John Weldon; ©2000
A comparison of NS Buddhism and Christianity.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism vs. Christianity Chart

Nichiren Shoshu Christianity
Eternal cyclic-universe (“illusion”). Finished creation (real).
Man is “eternal,” the manifestation of an impersonal ultimate reality (man in the image of the universe and/or “life essence”). Man is the creation of a personal God (man in the image of God).
Monistic (all life is one essence). Monotheistic (God is triune; man, animal and matter are all created by God but generically distinct).
Ultimate reality is an impersonal life essence (amoral). Ultimate reality is a loving, personal, just deity (absolutely moral).
Salvation by personal effort (self perfection). Salvation by grace through faith (involving the imputed righteousness of Christ).
The Buddha nature resides universally in all men. God dwells only in the regenerate.
Universal salvation (reincarnation). Particular redemption (eternal heaven or hell).
Key historical apologetic spurious and subjective (e.g., the mystical interpretation of the Lotus Sutra). Key historic apologetic evidential and objective (e.g., fulfilled prophecy, the resurrection of Christ).
Anti-supernatural. Supernatural.


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