The New World Religion – Part 2

By: Gary Kah; ©1999
There is a great celebration, a “Birthday Party for Jesus,” planned for the year 2000. Who is behind this event? What are their motives?


The New World Religion – Part 2 – Engaging Evangelicals

Throughout the millennial year, a series of ecumenical events are being planned for the alleged purpose of celebrating the two thousandth birthday of Jesus. It all sounds good on the surface. However, upon closer examination, one discovers that some of the main organizers are not Christians and that leaders from other religions will also be participating. The fact is, this year long “party” will be an interfaith spectacle designed to bring the world’s religions together. Since it is taking place in the name of Christ—supposedly to honor Him—Christians are expected to fall in line without question. Few will realize that this celebration is setting the stage for a false Christ, not Jesus Christ.

Nearly two decades ago, U.N. official Robert Muller called for such a celebration. Anticipating a new millennium and sensing a golden opportunity to further the U.N.’s one-world agenda, he wrote:

May the kind divine providence help us start a new history and prepare the advent of a new age, a new world, a new philosophy and new human relationships, as we approach the bi-millennium…
The table of contents of a new world encyclopedia is ready. The agenda for the next chapter of humanity is in sight…On the occasion of Earth Day, I proposed that humanity should hold in the year 2000 a world-wide Bi-Millennium Celebration of Life.

(Robert Muller is a professing Catholic who has served as a top U.N. political/spiritual advisor for the last three decades. Muller, who has been referred to as the “U.N.’s Prophet of Hope,” served as U.N. Assistant Secretary-General through several administrations and organized one of Pope John Paul II’s trips to the U.N.)

Acting as Muller’s main link to the evangelical Christian community on this “celebra­tion” project is his friend Jay Gary. Based in Colorado, Gary is well connected among evangelical groups. Jay Gary has been executive editor with World Christian magazine; has worked as a regional coordinator with March For Jesus; has acted as a consultant for New Life 2000, the World Strategy of Campus Crusade; and has participated in a Youth With A Mission writing project. He has authored several books, including The Star of 2000, which lays out his vision for the next millennium, including his plan for the upcoming cel­ebration. In his book, Gary favorably quotes Robert Muller, speaks highly of the United Nations, and endorses the World Council of Churches.

Jay Gary is best known for establishing the Bimillennial Global Interaction Network, also referred to as BEGIN. Revealing his ecumenical and interfaith intentions, he describes BEGIN as a “link up with a global network of groups and individuals who are working to insure that the year 2000 is celebrated as a planetary jubilee by the whole human family.” (italics added) To oversee his endeavor, Gary founded an organization called Celebration 2000.

Gary regularly promotes interfaith leaders, among them Catholic theologian Hans Küng and the Pope. In turn, he has been publicly promoted by New Age groups such as Alice Bailey’s World Goodwill. As disturbing as his New Age endorsements are, even more troubling is the fact that he has been supported by numerous Christian leaders. Endorse­ments for Gary and his proposed celebration have been particularly forthcoming from groups within the evangelical unity movement. Although Jesus prayed for love and har­mony among Christian believers, longing for them to be as one (John 17:11-23), he never intended this unity to come at the expense of doctrinal purity.

Instead of bringing down doctrinal walls, God calls us to build them up to preserve His truth. Yet, few remain who are willing to do so. Today’s spiritual state is amazingly reminis­cent of the condition of Israel during Ezekiel’s time. God lamented, “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none” (Ezek. 22:30, NIV).

The walls being torn down today are paving the way for tomorrow’s global celebration and acceptance of a false Christ!

We must never be guilty of knowingly or unknowingly supporting Satan’s deceptive plan for mankind. Rather, through discernment which comes from studying God’s Word and applying its principles, let us separate ourselves from the teachings of the interfaith movement by steadfastly holding to Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation (John 14:6).

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