The Rise of the Ezekiel 38 Nations/Program 2

By: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung; ©2012
In addition to the Ezekiel 38 War, Daniel 11 speaks of two nations that will battle against Israel. Dr. DeYoung identifies these kings as leaders of modern day Egypt and Syria. In looking at these nations today, it is clear that conflict could easily take place against Israel, indicating that these events could take place in the very near future. On this week’s program, Dr. John Ankerberg interviews Dr. Jimmy DeYoung on this discussion of Daniel 11, its relationship with Ezekiel 38, and how these predicted events relate to our lives today.




The eyes of the world are fixed on the Middle East. Every day the papers of all major countries carry lead stories about Israel, Iran Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan and other Middle East nations. Further, it is evident to all that the nation of Israel is increasingly under fire both politically and militarily.

Benjamin Netanyahu: The militant Shiites in Iran are openly racing, boasting that they’re racing to develop nuclear weapons with the explicit announced goal of wiping Israel from the face of the earth.

Many believe the Middle East is about to explode and drag the world into one of the most difficult and terrifying conflicts in world history. The prophets in the Old Testament predict just such a situation will occur. 2600 years ago God revealed specific information to the prophet Ezekiel about a group of nations that would come together and attack Israel in the last days. Bible scholars refer to this attack as the Ezekiel 38 War. Do we see any evidence that the nations Ezekiel spoke about are threatening Israel today? My guest for this series is journalist and prophecy scholar, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung who has lived in Israel and covered the Middle East since 1993. Join us for this special edition of the John Ankerberg Show.

Ankerberg: Welcome to our program. I’m John Ankerberg, and my guest today is Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. He’s a journalist who’s just returned from the Middle East. And he’s been in Israel covering events there, and we’re going to get an update on events that are happening in the Middle East. You know, it’s interesting that the Bible says that in the last days the entire world is going to be affected by things that happen in the Middle East. And I would say that’s happening right now. For example, are your gas prices going up? Why? It’s because of events and tensions in the Middle East.
But I think there are some things that we’re missing. I’ve been reading, like, 300 newspapers and I have 400 pages of notes that I’ve given to Jimmy about this program. And in reading that, things that have happened just in the last 45 days of time, it’s been interesting to me to see that Syria has risen to the top of the threat level board in terms of America’s warnings to the nations around Israel.
Let me see if I can frame this for you. At Pearl Harbor, 2,403 people died on the attack on Pearl Harbor. At 9/11, 3,000 people died. But in Syria in the last couple of months there have been 9,000 people that have died in the streets. The Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said at the UN, “The extremely dangerous conflict in Syria could have global repercussions. The Syrian crisis could have global fallout.” There was military testimony that was just given to the Congress, and General James Mattis, the current commander of Central Control for US forces, said that “Contrary to the prevailing impression, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed at their meeting not only their dispute over an attack on Iran,” which we think is the main thing that everybody’s looking at right now, “but they devoted considerable attention to this,” to the Syrian crisis, “focusing on the hundreds of surface to surface missiles armed with chemical and biological warheads possessed by Syria. They said, “The peril of the Assad regime launching them now tops America’s chart of the threats looming over Israel and Turkey.” He went on to say this, the US president prevailed upon Israel to hurry up and patch up relations with another country, namely Turkey, which he was willing to assist in because he said it would take a combined US/Turkish/Israeli military effort to ward off an attack by Syria-poisoned missiles. Indeed, if the Syrian conflict is not solved, according to this report, America might be forced to turn its missile shield against Bashar al-Assad’s missiles before they are needed against an Iranian attack.”
Now, this was kind of news to me that Syria, Jimmy, could pull the entire world into war very quickly. We’re going to get into other reasons of why that’s even more possible than what he was saying. But what I find really interesting is that the Bible, in talking about end-time events, there are two specific passages that use the word “end times” or “the time of the end” specifically, and it talks about the nation of Syria, and then it gives a list of other nations. But I want to zero in on this. One of the key players—and the Bible says this nation is going to be a key player in the end times—is Syria. And Syria, according to our armed forces, is a major threat to Israel in the Middle East right now. See if you can frame this in terms of what the Bible is saying. Where does Syria come in?
DeYoung: John, in chapter 11 of the book of Daniel, starting in verse 40, it uses the phrase you used just a moment ago, “at the time of the end.” Now, what follows will describe the time of the end. Chapter 12 and verse 4 of Daniel mentions that same phrase and deals with a period, a terrible time of judgment upon the world, and so intense on the Jewish people that Michael is dispatched out of the heavenlies to come to protect the Jewish people. But it also talks about it over in chapter 11, in verse 35, where it leads into what we are looking at as it relates to Syria.
In chapter 11, verse 40 of the book of Daniel, it says there will be three major players: the king of the North, the king of the South, and “him.” Now, him is a pronoun referring back to chapter 11, verse 36, the willful king, which is one of 27 names for the Antichrist who, according to Bible prophecy, will be the major leader, the leading personality in that seven year period of time known as the tribulation. When we talk about the king of the North and the king of the South, we have to go back in to chapter 11, starting in verse 5, where it describes the king of the North, the king of the South and their actions.
For example, the king of the North would be offered the hand of the daughter of the king of the South to be married to form a coalition in that period of time, and that would have been somewhere in the area of about 2,200 years ago. When you look at the two previous verses there in chapter 11 of Daniel, it talks about, in chapter 11 verses 3 and 4, a king who would come to power, a willful king. He would die and his kingdom would be divided into four parts, North, South, East and West.
Studying then that passage of Scripture, you see the king of the North would be the area geographically of modern-day Syria. The king of the South would be modern-day Egypt. And we take that information and go to chapter 11, verse 40. At the time of the end the king of the North will come against him, the Antichrist, and the king of the South will come against him. Let me just back up a little bit more so we can lay out this for everybody listening to what we’re teaching today. The fact is that the Antichrist will come to power. And chapter 9 verse 27 of the book of Daniel says that he will confirm a peace agreement. Those peace agreements already on the table; he will confirm them, make them work. And that actually starts the clock ticking on that seven year tribulation period of time.
Now, let’s go back to chapter 11, verse 40. When you see the king of the North and the king of the South—or in other words, Syria and Egypt—attacking the Antichrist, that will be because of the fact that the Antichrist has confirmed a peace agreement with Israel and all of her neighbors, i.e., Syria and Egypt. But he then leaves; he goes over to Rome to establish a one world religion. If you look at chapter 11, verse 41 it says he rushes back into the land. He goes to the north, takes care of Syria, comes down through Ammon, Moab and Edom, modern-day Jordan, doesn’t touch it; goes down to the south, wipes out Egypt.
Now, what we’re seeing here is the major players at the beginning of that seven year period of time. In fact, the first six months, I would say the first couple of days, in that seven year period of time, after the peace treaty has been confirmed, Syria is going to make their move against Israel.
That’s the biblical scenario laid out and all of the current events unfolding will fit into that scenario and tell we’re quickly at that time of the end as described.
Ankerberg: Yeah, because we are not in the end times yet, but we are approaching it. We’ve got these three pillars up here. Tell us what the three pillars are.
DeYoung: Over here to my right would be the rapture of the church. That’s the next event to happen in God’s calendar of activities. Then you have a period of time in the space between the first and the second pillar, which would be the seven year period of time. And remember, we’re telling you that what the Scriptures indicate in Daniel is that with that confirmation of the peace treaty, that seven year period begins, and that’s when we’re going to see the focus on Syria making their move against Israel. The second pillar would be the second coming of Jesus Christ at the end of the seven years; a 1,000 year period of time which is the kingdom where Jesus Christ will rule a theocracy right here on the earth. The third pillar would be that great white throne judgment when all lost people are cast into the lake of fire. And after that, new heavens, new earth, new Jerusalem, eternity future.
Ankerberg: Yeah, now the interesting thing is that the New York Times is saying that the Assad regime has no intention right now of stepping down. Worse is that Russia and Iran and China have stepped in, into the conflict, and they’re aiding Assad and his forces there in Syria. For example, Russia has provided air defense capabilities to Syria, such as missiles and radars, that will make a no-fly zone challenging. This is by our General Mattis again, saying that, look, they’re already putting the capabilities in there to protect that area so that if Israel were to launch an attack, or if the United States were somehow to get involved, the fact is, they’re going to have a system up to protect them. Then, I find it very interesting that one of the other players that’s in Ezekiel 38 that we’re going to talk about, the nations of Ezekiel 38, you’ve got Russia, and Vladimir Putin since we’ve been together, the fact is, he was elected president. What are the implications of him becoming president in Russia?
DeYoung: Well, in fact, what you’ve just talked about, the Russian military might; their navy, for example with warships, have docked at ports on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. In addition to that, they’ve put advisors in Syria helping the Syrian military might, under Bashar Assad, to make decisions how they’re going to deal with the opposition. Now, we don’t know who the opposition is, but at least Bashar Assad is enough concerned about them, he’s doing what need be done in order to put them down and the Russians under the new president now, Vladimir Putin has come in and he is assisting the Syrians in putting down this opposition there in that country.
Ankerberg: I found a couple other interesting things, and we’ll talk about them when we come back, and that is, we’re going to talk about the fact that Russia has provided not only this air defense system and radar, but also eavesdropping capabilities that they can control their own population. We’re going to talk about how much money that Syria has spent in terms of weapons with Russia. And also, we’re going to talk about how a regional war could be started. We’re going to talk about all that when we come right back. Stick with us.

Ankerberg: We’re back. And my guest is journalist Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. We’re talking about the Middle East, and we’re talking specifically about Syria and the fact that many of us in America do not realize that Syria has the potential to bring the whole world into a world war. And the reasons are this. Syria is killing thousands of people in their own streets, and the international community doesn’t know what to do about it. Meantime, Russian and China and Iran are backing President Bashar al-Assad, and they’re supplying weapons to him. According to the Jerusalem Post, Russia supplied 78% of Syria’s arms imports in 2007-2011, buying billions of dollars worth of Russian arms, and they also have supplied this military naval base outside the former Soviet Union in Syria. So this is where these ships are docking.
On top of all of that, the fact is that there is a gas deal that is worth billions of dollars to Putin in terms of Syria. He doesn’t want to lose it. He is thinking, and the reports are, that he wants to establish a no-fly zone over Syria so that Israel couldn’t attack Syria and couldn’t attack Iran, because his investments are at stake. If he was to do that, Netanyahu gets put into a box, because then he’s got to decide, do I go up against Iran and Syria and take on Russia as well? Would the United States get involved? All of that’s on the table.
The political analysts that you… If you listen to them on the news, they’ve changed their minds from saying that Israel might attack, possibly between now and the election in November, to the fact that they are going to attack. And then when you have this kind of pressure coming down from Russia to establish a no-fly zone, and an alliance so that if you attack Syria or you attack Iran you’re attacking Russia, Netanyahu… The timetable, I would guess, is moved up. So we get closer to the world being pulled into this conflict. How does this tie into biblical events?
DeYoung: Well, the Bible does say that this is going to happen, that Syria will attack Israel from the north. That’s a given. That’s what God’s Word says. Bible prophecy is 100% correct, as you look at God speaking through the ancient Jewish prophets. And there are many, many evidences of that, with fulfilled prophecy already having taken place down through the centuries.
But God’s Word making the statement that it’s going to happen, people may stand back and look and say, “Well, wait a minute. How do we know this is going to happen?” Well, let’s just talk a bit more about current events. For example, you’re talking about, if indeed NATO, for example, should go and attack Syria, try to put down Bashar Assad, stop him from killing the opposition, over 9,000 people, or if the United States should get involved, or the European Union, Bashar Assad has already made the statement that he will send his troops across the border into the Golan Heights and use that as a launch area to attack Israel. He can, from that location, attack Haifa, for example, on the Mediterranean coast in the north. He can attack as far away as Tel Aviv. Jerusalem would be in their target area as well. And so, what reality on the ground is saying, that indeed this prophecy could be fulfilled in the very near future.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has given orders to his joint chiefs of staff, the leader of the Israeli Defense Force, to have the training, making ready these IDF soldiers in the north. And across the north you have, of course, in the north of Israel, the Lebanese border. You have Hezbollah who has been working in concert with Syria, with Bashar Assad. In fact, they are going back and forth. Sheikh Nasrallah, who’s the head of Hezbollah, and Bashar Assad, president of Syria, have been having meetings, talking about what strategy should be put in place as they try to determine how he’s going to help, how Hezbollah will help Syria put down this opposition. And so, across that Lebanese border, Israeli Defense Force soldiers are on high alert.
Then you have the Syrian border at the northeastern area of Jerusalem, up near Mount Hermon. And, indeed, everybody is on high alert, Israeli Defense Force, even the Jewish settlers that are up there in the Golan Heights area, are very, very attentive to what may happen as it relates to Syria, just across the border. I mean, right there. And I’ve stood at the spot at the tip of the Golan Heights, across the border from Syria. They’re only 25 miles from Damascus. The eyes of the Middle East are on top of a mountain. They are located so that the Israeli Defense Force will know happens.
They’ve told me—I’ve visited the sites—they’ve told me that they can tell you what kind of aircraft takes off at Damascus, who is in the cockpit. In fact, if there’s a fly in the cockpit, how much munitions they may have on board, what their gas is on board, etc., to determine how far and how long they’ll be able to stay in the air.
So all of these things unfolding, John, as we then go back to the Scriptures, which is absolute in the fact that Syria will make an attack on Israel. And we’re talking about Daniel 11. If we were to look over in Isaiah 17, Damascus is going to be destroyed. Is that a prophecy yet in the future? The answer is yes, and this is when all of this is going to work out as the present scenario sets the stage for all these prophecies to be fulfilled.
Ankerberg: Yeah. I think a couple things we’re trying to get across to people is, if you are a non-Christian, the Bible, I would introduce it as a book where the God of the Bible is the only God of all the religious books that makes statements about the future that you can check out. And we are involved in some of those events that the God of the Bible says are going to happen, and it’s already affecting us, and it could affect us greatly this year, alright, and maybe in the next few months.
Now, one of the key players is Syria. The other one it talks about in Daniel 11 is Egypt. These two players start the ball rolling, if you want, when we get to this time period of the tribulation. And then, after they get involved, then it says that this Antichrist who tries to knock them down and does knock them down, he hears rumors out of the East, out of the North. And this is Iran; this is Russia. This is where we’re going to go in terms of the weeks ahead here talking about this alliance, this coalition of nations, the Ezekiel 38 war that’s coming up, and how close we are to that. Touch on this thing of Egypt, because since we were together, okay, not only has Syria changed, but Egypt has changed. What’s changed?
DeYoung: Egypt with the Arabs spring and the revolution there in Cairo and Alexandria, has been put in a position, taking out Hosni Mubarak, 32 years as the leader of the largest Arab nation in the world. During that 32 years, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, the President, Shimon Peres of Israel, made the statement that Hosni Mubarak was the best friend Israel had. I’m not saying Hosni Mubarak was a good man; I’m simply saying he kept any type of full regional Israeli/Arab war (from) taking place. And now with him gone, and the fundamentalist terroristic element that has come to power controlling the legislative body, potentially controlling the presidency of Egypt itself, Egypt is perched, ready to accomplish that prophetic scenario laid out in Daniel 11.
Ankerberg: Okay, we’re going to save this and roll into next week, because we have so much information about Egypt that I don’t want to just blow by that. The fact is that I’ve met Christians across the country, and you have too, that have looked at what we’re experiencing here in America as well as world events, and they’re discouraged, okay. They don’t see hope. Jimmy, when the Bible presents prophetic events, there’s always hope. And one of the things that, if you’re a Christian, is the fact is that Jesus Christ said, “I will come again, and I will take you to be with Me, that where I am, there you may be also.” I believe he meant that. I believe he’s coming back soon. It could happen any moment. It could happen today. What is the hope for people that are discouraged right now when they look at these world events?
DeYoung: John, on this program we’ve been talking about prophecy that’s yet to be fulfilled: 360 prophecies of a Messiah coming, the One who gives hope were all fulfilled in absolute detail and they focused on Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came. He gave his life, lived a pure, perfect life, gave his life to take away our sin, was crucified, buried and resurrected, crucified to take away our sin, resurrected to prove he was the one qualified to do it. And we admit that we’re sinners in need of a Savior, receive him as Savior by calling upon him—that’s the hope that we have in the person of Jesus Christ.
Ankerberg: And, folks, don’t go by that very fast. Think about, the fact is, that God sent his Son into the world to save you, to forgive your sins. He died on the cross. He paid the penalty that we should pay. But, the fact is, he’s offering, as a gift, salvation—free—if you’ll put your trust in Christ alone. If you haven’t done that, would you do it right now?
Now, we’ve just started, and we’re going to take the second country here, Egypt, next week, because I want to go into what has happened in the Parliament, the higher house, the lower house and I want you to see the statistics of what has happened. I want you to hear some of the unbelievable statements that the Parliament is making about Israel. Things have changed in a big time. Join us next week. We’re going to get into Egypt, what’s going on there.

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