What’s So Exciting About Heaven? – Randy Alcorn

Will Heaven Be Exciting
By: Randy Alcorn

In this session, guest Randy Alcorn along with Dr. John Ankerberg help viewers discover some of the details of the believer’s future home and how exciting heaven will be. As we do, we’ll learn how a greater biblical understanding of heaven can transform how we live today, including how we share our faith with others.

Our Existence in Heaven.
By: Randy Alcorn

As guest Randy Alcorn and Dr. John Ankerberg continue our study, we’ll find that the future state of the believer will be one of much excitement and joy. Rather than merely singing songs, believers will be involved in a wide variety of activities in community with other believers and in new, perfect bodies fit for service to the King of kings.

The New Heavens and Earth.
By: Randy Alcorn

In the third program of this series, we’ll look at what the Bible teaches about the New Heavens and Earth. The Bible discusses a time in the future when a new heaven and earth will be recreated from the ones that exist today. Dr. Ankerberg and Randy Alcorn discuss what will take place along with applications for how we live today.

Future Glories of Heaven.
By: Randy Alcorn

The city at the center of our future heaven is called the New Jerusalem. In this program, Dr. Ankerberg and Randy Alcorn take a biblical look at what the Bible says about our eternal home as believers. As we do, you’ll find yourself more excited about heaven and motivated to share your faith with others.

Questions Children Ask About Heaven.
By: Randy Alcorn

Children enjoy asking questions about everything—including heaven. Because there are a lot of wrong ideas about Heaven, we must base our answers on what God tells us in the Bible. In this program, Dr. Ankerberg and Randy Alcorn answer children’s questions like: will they see their pets again in Heaven? Is Heaven up? and Will there be sports on the New Earth?

How Can You Be Sure You Are Going to Heaven?
By: Randy Alcorn

In this session, Dr. Ankerberg and Randy Alcorn discuss what the Bible teaches about salvation as well as how to be saved and to know for certain where you will spend eternity. This confidence can help during even our weakest moments in this life as we look forward to eternity with Christ in the next life.

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