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The Evidence for the Historical Jesus - Updated Edition

The Evidence for the Historical Jesus – Updated Edition




Dr. Gary Habermas is the world’s leading authority on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In his research, he has proposed 12 historical facts about Jesus that are undeniable—even to the most skeptical historians.

In our newly-updated series “The Evidence for the Historical Jesus” we’ll look at these 12 facts, along with the biblical information you need to strengthen your faith. Some the questions we will consider include:

·      How many people gave eyewitness testimony that they saw Jesus alive after he was killed by crucifixion?
·      What historical information was in circulation about Jesus’ resurrection within the first two years of Christianity—possibly even before Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus?
·      How can we know Jesus claimed to be the Son of God while He lived on earth?
·      What historical evidence supports the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the third day?
·      What historical evidence exists for the many post-resurrection appearances of Jesus?
·      What is the strongest evidence for believing the disciples really saw the risen Jesus?

In these six information-packed programs, we’ll discuss these and many other important questions concerning the evidence for the historical Jesus.

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