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The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection Even the Skeptics Believe




Did you know that a revolution is taking place in the academic world regarding the resurrection of Jesus? Today, much of what skeptics have long declared about Jesus is no longer accepted even among secular scholars. Dr. Gary Habermas, the world’s leading expert on the evidence for the resurrection, has been tracking these changes for the past 40 years. In our five programs, we address 12 historical facts about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus that are accepted among most religious scholars. Using only five or six of these facts, Dr. Habermas offers substantial historical proof to support the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ. Perfect to strengthen your faith or to use in sharing your faith with others, “The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection Even the Skeptics Believe” offers a unique and powerful resource. You’ll be informed and inspired, ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about your faith.

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