Fact A Day

Fact a Day: April 21st

The Facts on Islam (Harvest House, rev. 1998), p. 11-12


What does Islam teach about God and is he like the God of the Bible?

  Islam teaches that the true God is the Muslim deity, Allah. All other views of God are false because the Koran teaches, “The true religion with God is Islam.”* The Koran emphasizes of Allah: “There is no God but he, the Living, the everlasting.”* …First, the Koran stresses that Allah is one person only: “They are unbelievers who say, ‘God is the Third of Three.’ No god is there but one God. If they refrain not from what they say, there shall afflict those of them that disbelieve a painful chastisement.”* Here, the Koran emphasizes that Christians are unbelievers because they accept the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity.*… Although many Muslims believe otherwise, Christians do not believe in three gods. This idea is a clear misrepresentation of Christian belief. Christians are not polytheists, who accept three gods, but monotheists who believe in one God. Second, the Muslim God has a different character than the biblical God. It is significant that of the “99 beautiful names for Allah,” which Muslims memorize and use for worship, not one of these names is “love” or “loving.” … Next, through predestination of all things, Allah is considered the direct author of both good and evil. … Third, Allah is ultimately unknowable and incomprehensible. … *For documentation, see The Facts on Islam.