Fact A Day

Fact a Day: September 24th

The Facts on Near-Death Experiences (Harvest House, 1996) p. 28


What are the day-to-day consequences of many NDEs? (Continued)

  According to Dr. Sutherland’s research, “Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the results is the major increase in the number of divorced people following the NDE….almost all ascribe their divorce primarily to the affereffects of their NDE.”* Dr. Morse reports, “Many times their spiritual transformation changes them so much that they become alienated from their families.”* One NDEr who describes why her marriage ended wrote, “I couldn’t go back to the way I was. I was the proper mother, the proper wife, and active member of many, many community organizations….I wanted to be with dying people. I went back to school and became a respiratory therapist. And then, as this evolution of my own being became stronger and stronger, it did not fit into my own marriage anymore, so it had to end.”* Ironically, while many NDErs have a difficult time readjusting to life, at the same time they see themselves as uniquely blessed for having had such a special experience denied to others: “You are no longer like other people, and there’s no use deceiving yourself that you are.”* “Oftentimes, survivors become impatient and critical of others, feeling in some way better, and losing in that smugness the ability to understand the weakness and the fear people around them still deal with.”* As one NDEr reported, “Relationships seem more intense, but only last a short time. I have no problems communicating but have found others cannot accept things as they are. I feel that everyone lives in a fantasy world, and I am the realist outcast.”* *For full documentation, please see The Facts on Near-Death Experiences.