Fact A Day

Fact a Day: March 31st

The Facts on Holistic Health and the New Medicine (Harvest House, 1992), pp. 44-45


What is therapeutic touch?

  Therapeutic touch is a form of psychic healing stressing the manipulation of alleged body energies such as prana. Theraputic touch was developed by two psychics, Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz; Kunz is the current president of the occultic Theosophical Society. Therapeutic touch claims to work by channeling (psychic transfer) of the therapist’s supposed prana (mystical energy) into the patient. Practitioners claim that this prods the patient’s own “life energies” toward healing. Therapeutic touch appears so innocent and is sufficiently accepted within the nursing profession that many people refuse to classify it as a form of psychic healing. But this is exactly what it is. Therapeutic touch: (1) was developed by psychic healers; (2) requires altered states of consciousness; (3) develops psychic ability; and (4) utilizes other occultic activity such as dowsing, and may be associated with other occult practices. Further, users’ descriptions of their practice are indistinguishable from those of psychic healers, and recommended teaching strategies for learning therapeutic touch include books by psychic healers, mediums, and other spiritists. Because the power behind psychic healing is spiritistic, the same conclusion holds true for therapeutic touch. Unfortunately, practices like this are increasing the acceptance of psychic healing in our hospitals. We may soon reach English standards where thousands of mediums are free to operate within hospitals. The potential hazards of all such methods include incorrect diagnosis and treatment and occult influence. *For full documentation, please see The Facts on Roman Catholicism.