Fact A Day

Fact a Day: December 2nd

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 7-8


Just how popular are angels today—and why?

  With literally tens of millions of people now interested in angels—and even open to personal contact with them—no one can deny the importance or relevance of this topic. But this doesn’t answer the question of why angels should be so popular. There are probably several reasons. First, this generation has witnessed a dramatic spiritual revival that has included everything from Christianity to the New Age movement to the darker forms of the occult—and this has undoubtedly increased an interest in the subject of angels and spirits. Second, there is a kind of innate fascination with the subject because of the larger implications discussed earlier. Third, a preexisting belief system for angels is already in place from Christian, pagan, and virtually every other religious tradition. For example, most Roman Catholics are brought up to pray to their guardian angels, while major holidays like Christmas and Easter recall angel stories year after year. Fourth, as people are increasingly searching for answers and meaning in life, angels are now thought to play a major role in providing those answers…. Fifth, in the majority of men’s minds, there is a prior assumption that angels are only good and therefore contacting them is also only good (and consequently without risk). If angels really can be contacted, why not?—and what an adventure! Sixth, angels by definition seek to interact with humanity. The very purpose of the good angels is to help us—and the very goal of the evil angels is to deceive us. In essence, angels are now popular because given their nature and ours, and our modern culture, it couldn’t be otherwise. *For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.