Fact A Day

Fact a Day: December 9th

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995) p. 20


Do the popular angels deny key biblical teachings? Can holy angels possibly deny Christ’s teachings?

  The godly angels would never deny the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Yet the popular angels do this as a matter of routine. Consider a few examples: “God is the totality of your living experience”*; “God is life. You and God share the same bed, the same car; the same glass of water. You and God are one.”* The popular angels teach basic pagan, New Age beliefs including Hinduism, occult practice, pantheism (all is God, God is all), universalism, and the idea that Christ dwells within all people, irrespective of their faith in Him.* Yet these “angels” also make simple errors of fact in both theological and nontheological areas.* Consider the following from Angel Wisdom: “The angels do not judge”; “Our true selves are angelic”; “All religions… worship the same God”; “Our souls remain in a pure state of innocence”; and “Consider the possibility that ultimately everything is true [see 1 John 2:21].”* As people consider their involvement with angels today, they should realize that good angels will never tell lies. The remainder of our discussion will prove that the popular angels are not who they claim. *For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.