A World of Change

By: Gary Kah; ©2002
Are we moving closer to a global economy and a global religion? Gary Kah gives examples of what is happening right now in the world that may be moving us closer to the end time system foretold in Revelation 13-14.

A World Of Change

With all the global developments that have taken place during the course of the last few months, a number of observations have come to mind concerning the economic, political and religious progression toward a “new world civilization.” The first of these that I would like to share pertains to economic matters, where changes have occurred most rapidly.

For all practical purposes the world is now down to two major currencies—the US Dollar and the Euro. Most international trade in the immediate future will be conducted in one of these denominations. A distant second (for a time) will be the British Pound, the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen. But I believe these too will eventually yield to the Dollar and the Euro, and ultimately to a single global currency (or electronic unit of exchange).

In the 1990s there were those who scoffed when I wrote about the possibility of a global currency in En Route to Global Occupation. Today, it is close to becoming a reality. The globalization of the world’s economy, which seemed light-years away only a generation ago, is approaching completion during our time.

There are other related developments. Numerous individuals are volunteering to have computer chips embedded in their bodies. This is no secret and has recently received widespread coverage by the secular media which touts the benefits of such an identifica­tion system. People who accept such a “mark” will be traceable by satellite no matter where they go. Just think, no one can kidnap them and get away with it… a concept that will only gain popularity in an age of terrorism!

Embedded chips also represent the next, and possibly the final, phase of global eco­nomic centralization. In the not too distant future, I believe people will be able to conduct financial transactions (buy and sell), using chips and their encoded ID numbers to electroni­cally debit or credit their bank accounts. Experiments in this area are already underway.

On the international political front, last month Switzerland became the final country to join the United Nations. Never in history—at least not in the post-Flood era—have all the nations of the world belonged to a single political organization. The “kings of the earth” are now regularly gathering in New York City.

While the UN’s power is still somewhat limited, that is set to change soon. Upcoming meetings on global warming and the environment, scheduled for South Africa in Septem­ber, will advocate the ratification of international treaties which would give the UN un­equaled and much sought after power. These initiatives together with other proposals intended to involve the UN as the major political and military force in the Middle East, are designed to transform the UN into an authoritative world government.

If Congress and the Bush Administration drag their feet by resisting UN empowerment, I believe the American people will be “dealt with.” Either we will be forced to submit to the UN during a “sudden” national emergency, or else the European Union will assume the leadership role in the creation of a global government. Things could go either way; but even in the latter scenario, I believe the American people will be “put through the fire” in some regard. I sense that a time of unprecedented testing is coming upon America—and we must all be spiritually ready!

The Vatican is the only remaining political entity that has not officially joined the UN. However, since the Vatican is already the dominant force behind the UN (see my book The New World Religion), its official joining would be a mere formality. In fact, the road to global government is being paved through Rome—where politics and religion come together.

The most recent examples: Pope John Paul II is daily offering his views and recommen­dations on the Mideast dilemma; and on January 24th, he hosted a meeting of the world’s top religious figures—representing all of the major religions. Consistently, I am finding the papacy at the forefront of bringing the world’s religions together. This spiritual consensus is a prerequisite for global government, as there can be no effective political rule without some degree of religious unity (no matter how false or contrived it may be). Even though the world’s religions—especially Islam and Judaism—seem miles apart, don’t be deceived. The groundwork currently being laid by the pope and his ambassadors will produce fruit at the appointed time.

It is truly amazing to see how rapidly we are moving toward the end time system foretold in Revelation 13 and 14. Step by step, the new world order of the antichrist is being built. All that is needed now is a major world crisis, or threat thereof. Will the unfolding events in Israel take humanity to the point where it will embrace an antichrist system for the promise of world peace?–Stay tuned!


Gary Kah is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Government of Indiana. While in that position he traveled extensively overseas working closely with Ameri­can Embassies on trade-related projects. He has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and exposing the one world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, along with his informative newsletter and video presentations may be obtained by dialing 317.290.4673. Or, write to: Hope for the World, P. O. Box 899, Noblesville, IN 46061, USA www.garykah.org

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