Gain a biblical perspective on groups who practice mysticism and magic, and learn how to counter the attacks of the devil and stand strong in our faith.

Should We Be Concerned about Witchcraft?

By JA Show Staff / July 30, 2019

In my research on Wicca among today’s teenagers, I (Dillon) came across the following article from FamilyEducation.com that reveals the attitude of a teenager involved in Wicca:

The Occult Potential and Spiritual Dangers of Martial Arts – Part 1

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 15, 2014

By: Dr. John Ankerberg; ©2012 In this article we will examine three concerns with martial arts: 1) the occult origin of some of the martial arts; 2) the spiritistic potential…

Dream Work – Research and Goals

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 14, 2014

By: Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr.John Weldon; ©2012 Psychophysiologist Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s book Lucid Dreaming is one of several which shows how even secular, scientific research into dreams can be…

The Occult Potential in Hypnosis – Part 1

By The John Ankerberg Show / May 2, 2014

Hypnotism – Program 1 By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon In addition to concern over its occult potential, we believe that consideration should be given to whether or not…

What is a Near Death Experience?

By The John Ankerberg Show / October 6, 2013

Note to The Reader: This is an introductory article; for important additional information please see, “What Is the Biblical View of NDEs & the Afterlife.” NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) are…

How is Witchcraft Related to Halloween?

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 30, 2013

  After the idea of roaming spirits of the dead, witchcraft is perhaps the most common theme of Halloween. However, our image of witchcraft is changing from that of something…

Edgar Cayce: The Psychic that Taught Sunday School

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 14, 2013

It’s hard to overestimate the impact of Edgar Cayce. Cayce (1877-1945), widely known as “the sleeping prophet,” was actually a “sleeping medium,” probably the most prominent psychic of the 20th…

A Course in Miracles and the Occult

By The John Ankerberg Show / November 24, 2012

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2012 The spiritistic nature of A Course in Miracles is obvious. Several themes that it has in common with spiritistic revelations are: 1)…

Should Christians Participate in the Martial Arts?

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 14, 2012

The following material is used with permission and clearly highlights the complexities and delicacy of Christian participation in the martial arts. While it does not alter our fundamental conclusions, it…

Mantras and Mandalas in Occult Practices

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 14, 2012

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2012 Both mandalas and mantras are frequently used in occult meditation and visualization practice. For example, “Continuous repetition of mantras is practiced as…


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