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Jim Virkler draws from science to teach us more about God and how the world around us reveals Him.

Is Behavior Genetically Hardwired?

By Jim Virkler / September 15, 2021

 In our last post we used the expressions “It’s in my genes” and “It’s in my DNA.” These popular conversational utterances indicate there is a cause and effect relationship between…

Contemplating Genetic Variability

By Jim Virkler / September 1, 2021

 Our previous post highlighted a unique animal—the eastern cicada killer wasp (phylum Arthropoda, order Hymenoptera, species Sphecius Speciosus). The post related some details of a recent family experience when our grandchildren encountered one of these wasps…

“Bugged” by Cicada Killers?

By Jim Virkler / August 23, 2021

 One source of joy and fascination for grandparents consists of sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with grandchildren. Knowledge and enthusiasm take diverse forms. Likewise, the abilities and interests of our…

The Matter of Energy (or the Energy of Matter)

By Jim Virkler / August 4, 2021

The topic of energy may not inspire lofty, poetic thoughts, except perhaps, to a professional scientist. It may fascinate a home buyer. What are its heating and air-conditioning energy costs, for example? Alternatively, the…

The Matter/Energy Connection

By Jim Virkler / July 22, 2021

Whenever issues of Divine Creation of the universe are raised, some participants in the discussion transition to a discussion of the age of the universe: Is the age of our universe only 6 to…

Official UAP Statement (6/25/2021)

By Jim Virkler / July 1, 2021

After reporting on the UAP (formerly UFO) phenomenon at length in ten previous posts from 11/16/19 to 1/30/2020 and one pre-summary review post on 6/9/2021, we present a follow-up. After…

Recognition and Communication of Creation Gifts

By Jim Virkler / June 26, 2021

How does humanity recognize and communicate its fascination with creation—the universe and everything in it? There are abundant means to perceive, recapture, and communicate its wonders. Many Scripture references to…

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Tell-All?

By Jim Virkler / June 9, 2021

 Current prominent publicity is circulating concerning the upcoming unclassified government release of information on UAPs during the month of June 2021. The subject has at times dominated public conversation for…

God’s Sustainment of Matter and Life

By Jim Virkler / May 27, 2021

When the universe was created, the Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. Much information inheres in that statement. At first, the God-created universe was composed of physical, non–living matter…

Eagle Symbolism

By Jim Virkler / May 14, 2021

 Eagles are highly popular and inspirational. Historically, these animals have been highlighted in art and sculpture by cultures and nations for centuries. Characteristics of eagles are well known—powerful, intelligent, and…


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