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Jim Virkler draws from science to teach us more about God and how the world around us reveals Him.

YouTubes and Youth Faith

By Jim Virkler / November 26, 2022

Our unusual blog title needs explanation. YouTube users watch billions of hours of YouTubes each day. YouTube is a video-sharing website which can be accessed by computers and mobile phones.…

Reprise of Autumn

By Jim Virkler / October 18, 2022

The familiar query “What is your favorite season?” rings out once more over our land. Perhaps the question is more often asked during autumn than in any other season. Autumn…

It’s Supposed to be Hot

By Jim Virkler / September 26, 2022

The Creator of All Things has provided both short term individual weather events and long term climate conditions for the benefit of humanity. Divinely created weather and climate conditions support…

21st Century Energy Crisis

By Jim Virkler / September 8, 2022

In the 1970s the US suffered from the first international energy crisis. It began partly as a political action by Arab States in response to the 1973 Yom Kippur War…

Rapid Renewable Rollout?

By Jim Virkler / August 24, 2022

The  well-known scripture in Genesis 1:26-28 contains a divine mandate from the Creator relating to humanity’s well-being in several spheres of experience. The twice-used term dominion implies man’s intelligent control over divinely created animals. God…

Green Light for Renewables

By Jim Virkler / August 12, 2022

Our last blog post proposed that our world “runs on” energy. The topic has many vital dimensions. It is one of the most politically charged of our day. We must…

Non-renewable to Renewable Energy—Easy or Difficult?

By Jim Virkler / July 26, 2022

In one sense, the world “runs” on energy. In the US, the industrial and transportation sectors consume almost two-thirds of the energy produced. Could modern society live without industrial production…

Scientists Who Believe

By Jim Virkler / July 19, 2022

The topic of belief in God is multidimensional. We have discussed differences in God- belief, such as the startling drop in belief among 18-29 year-olds in the US from 2017-2022—the…

Diminished Belief in God

By Jim Virkler / July 7, 2022

Our Science/Faith blog connects with many contemporary phenomena. We are concerned about current societal chaos, specifically, breakdowns in law and order such as unprovoked weapons attacks on innocent people at…

Questions for the Creator

By Jim Virkler / June 27, 2022

On the “spectrum” of fascinating science topics, we offer the electromagnetic spectrum as our topic of inquiry. Humanity is immersed in a sea of electromagnetic waves every moment of our…


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