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Jim Virkler draws from science to teach us more about God and how the world around us reveals Him.

Appearing and Disappearing Lakes

By Jim Virkler / February 13, 2024

Earth’s lakes are temporary planetary features. In the experience of many Earth residents, lakes appear to be permanent features on our landscape. Who can forget memorable lake house family vacations…

Re-wind of Total Solar Eclipse

By Jim Virkler / January 31, 2024

In August 2017 I was privileged to fulfill a life-long bucket list goal of observing a total solar eclipse. The rare event took place a full day’s drive from our…

Planet Earth: Governed by Cycles

By Jim Virkler / January 17, 2024

Cycles are a defining characteristic of all living things. We introduce this post by reminding readers that there is no persuasive evidence that any type of life exists anywhere else in this enormous universe. Given the…

Solstices and Equinoxes

By Jim Virkler / December 31, 2023

At the Christmas and New Year holiday season Earth residents celebrate significant astronomical milestones. Annual calendars reference seasons and lesser known events such as solstices and equinoxes. We become aware…

Ubiquitous Bioelectricity

By Jim Virkler / December 15, 2023

We close our discussions of bioelectricity by referencing several recent blog posts. In we mentioned the positive and negative charges present in all chemical elements which comprise ordinary matter. These electrical…

Bodily Bioelectricity

By Jim Virkler / November 27, 2023

Most bioscientists would acknowledge, perhaps humorously, that our bodies are “electrical machines.” A study of the the digital information transmitted by the billions of neurons inhabiting our central and peripheral…

Neuroscience and Bioelectricity

By Jim Virkler / October 31, 2023

We have described the reality of digital electrical signals by which our central and peripheral nervous systems communicate with each other. All human body cells possess electrical properties. If this…

Body Systems Analysis

By Jim Virkler / October 19, 2023

Of all eleven human body systems, the nervous system is known as the control and communicating system for all other body systems. The study of biology consists of eleven major…

Chemical Elements: Coherently Created

By Jim Virkler / September 27, 2023

We begin this post with a short and incomplete chemistry primer. When readers recapture memories from their secondary school chemistry courses, one of their first memories relates to the definition…

Observers of Forces

By Jim Virkler / September 21, 2023

The four fundamental forces discussed in our last post were described by scientists only in the last several hundred years. These forces (strong nuclear, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and gravitation) govern everything that…