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Jim Virkler draws from science to teach us more about God and how the world around us reveals Him.

Questions for the Creator

By Jim Virkler / June 27, 2022

On the “spectrum” of fascinating science topics, we offer the electromagnetic spectrum as our topic of inquiry. Humanity is immersed in a sea of electromagnetic waves every moment of our…

Works of God: Code Creator

By Jim Virkler / June 16, 2022

Prior to discussing the significance of codes in terms of the works of The Creator of All Things, we recall a wonderful set of experiences while I was in college. In the…

U. S. Congress Revisits UAP Sightings

By Jim Virkler / May 28, 2022

The recent May 17, 2022 public congressional hearing was expected to provide citizens with long-sought answers concerning UAPs ( unidentified aerial phenomena). The previous US Congressional open hearing dealing with UAPs occurred in…

Reproduction Rights and Roe

By Jim Virkler / May 14, 2022

Discussions involving human reproductive rights generate intense controversy. Our national populace has always been concerned about human rights. As humans what rights do we have? Our rights are deemed sacred because humans…

God Manifest in the Mundane

By Jim Virkler / April 28, 2022

Our recent family move to a different state necessitated many deliberate actions and modifications during the moving process. Of course, there was plentiful discard of what may be termed “junk.”…

God Belief—Proven, Probable, or Doubtful?

By Jim Virkler / April 16, 2022

What is more important than belief in God? Many would put this question at the top of their list of important life issues. People who believe in God usually acknowledge…

Carbon Neutrality and Climate Change

By Jim Virkler / March 24, 2022

In the last several decades climate change has been the new topic du jour. A famous saying attributed to Mark Twain, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,”…

Meteorological Seasons

By Jim Virkler / March 11, 2022

 Most calendars proclaim March 20 as the first day of spring. This date marks the beginning of astronomical spring. Even though the March 20 calendar date generates excitement, most residents cannot explain…

Of Making Many Books

By Jim Virkler / February 17, 2022

Human writing skills have proliferated in the past several thousand years. The Book of Ecclesiastes, attributed to The Preacher, probably Solomon, makes a notable comment about book writing even in…

Universal Purpose

By Jim Virkler / February 2, 2022

A query to all residents of Planet Earth: Why are we here? Did God have a purpose for creating humanity? If we ask residents about the purpose for their existence, would most people link…


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