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Jim Virkler draws from science to teach us more about God and how the world around us reveals Him.

Seasons and Cycles

By Jim Virkler / May 5, 2023

In early May Earth residents are about half way through the annual seasonal weather cycle. Observers in northern latitudes experience rising temperatures, longer day lengths, increased plant growth, enlivened wildlife,…

Science Conceptions and Misconceptions

By Jim Virkler / March 31, 2023

Who can exist without the benefits of science in this “Age of Science?” The current Age of Science in which we live has generated other Ages: technology, digital, computer, information,…

The Science/Faith Link

By Jim Virkler / March 14, 2023

Several years ago I proposed to a friend that science and personal faith are mutually supportive. I discussed the purpose of our science/faith blog and our goal of demonstrating that…

Unidentified and Highly Mysterious

By Jim Virkler / February 22, 2023

UAPs—unidentified aerial phenomena—formerly known as UFOs, have garnered much publicity the past few weeks. The Chinese “spy” ballon which first appeared over the Aleutian Island Chain, then crossed mainland Alaska…

Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence—AI or HI?

By Jim Virkler / February 8, 2023

One of the most important concepts discussed in our day is intelligence. Dictionaries offer several definitions of intelligence, including mental acuity and the skilled use of reason. When humans reason,…

Disease Season

By Jim Virkler / January 25, 2023

This blog writer was recently struck by the effects of two microorganisms—influenza and pneumonia at the same time. The germs so weakened him that he suffered a fall and became a hospital…

Fission or Fusion?

By Jim Virkler / January 10, 2023

The Creator of All Things conceived the dimensions of time, space, matter, and energy when He brought the universe (the heavens and the Earth) into existence (Genesis 1:1). In our…

More Planet Earth Dynamism

By Jim Virkler / December 25, 2022

In recent weeks Earth residents have been reminded of many dynamic planetary events which generated not only wonder, but also discomfort and even tragedy. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes may rank at…

Dynamic Volcanic Wonders

By Jim Virkler / December 11, 2022

In our last post we discussed YouTubes where we access almost unlimited information on the wonders of animal life on our planet. In this post we highlight another recent planetary…

YouTubes and Youth Faith

By Jim Virkler / November 26, 2022

Our unusual blog title needs explanation. YouTube users watch billions of hours of YouTubes each day. YouTube is a video-sharing website which can be accessed by computers and mobile phones.…

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