Crystal Work

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©1999
Crystals play a significant role in the New Age movement. Dr. Weldon briefly explains what they are used for, and what the dangers are.


Excerpted from The Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs, (Harvest House, 1996)


Description. Crystal work is the use of a supposed power inherent within crystals for psychic healing, divination, visualization, developing psychic abilities, channeling, and other kinds of spirit contact and occult pursuits.

Founder. Unknown; but similar practices have been employed for millennia, such as the use of amulets, magical stones, and gems.

How does it claim to work? Crystals supposedly contain the shape-induced vibrational frequencies that mystically interconnect with the earth’s and the individual’s “energy field.” They are allegedly used to amplify, or realign, human “psychic” or cosmic energy for various purposes. For example, when focused and directed, these mystical energies are employed for psychic healing, entering altered states of consciousness, or various forms of mind training.

Scientific evaluation. Discredited.

Examples of occult potential. Psychic development, spiritism.

Major problem. Crystals per se have no magical powers, and in an occult context they easily become an implement behind which spirits can work.

Biblical/Christian evaluation. Prohibited on the basis of its occult use.

Potential dangers. The hazards normally associated with occult practice.

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