Angel Contact, Angel Consciousness, Angel Work

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©1999
With an increasing number of stories regarding contact with angels, are there things we need to be aware of, and be wary of? Or can we simply assume that angels are always good?

Angel Contact, Angel Consciousness, Angel Work

(excerpted from the Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs)

Info at a Glance:

Description: Angel contact, angel consciousness, and angel work refer to New Age forms of communication with alleged heavenly angels for purposes of spiritual assistance, developing altered states of consciousness, psychic powers, or fostering New Age goals in general.

Origin: New Age angel contact began as a logical extension of the modern channeling movement.

How does it claim to work?: Angel contact works through direct, personal contact with and/ or instructions from supposed godly messengers. Contact with alleged heavenly angels is said to be part of an emerging planetary transformation of spirituality that will reveal man’s true divine nature and unite him with the cosmos.

Scientific evaluation: Not applicable.

Examples of occult potential: Almost every occult practice, in some manner, is now associ­ated with “angels.”

Major problem: It redefines the biblically prohibited spiritism as communication with godly angels (see Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

Biblical/Christian evaluation: Good angels are not being contacted in the popular angel revival; instead, demons or fallen angels, who masquerade as godly angels, are deceiv­ing people by confusing the nature of the contacts.

Potential dangers: The practice is associated with all forms of occult activity.

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