Is Anyone Perfect Besides Jesus?


Is Anyone Perfect Besides Jesus?

Many people think that Adam and Mary were perfect, being the first created man and the mother of Jesus. The truth is,  Adam was created as “good” in God’s sight according to Genesis 1-2, but was never perfect. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is also not called perfect in the Bible, though Roman Catholic teachings often teach this view.

But this does clarify one of the important reasons for the virgin birth of Jesus by Mary. Mary was an imperfect human. Yet Christ’s conception came through the Holy Spirit, making it possible for Jesus to be born as both human and divine. He is the one person whose blood is perfect. His blood would later be poured out as the ultimate sacrifice for all who would believe in Him for salvation.

So, even though Mary was the mother of a perfect Son, and Adam was the creation of a perfect God, the only human that is perfect is Jesus.

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