Dr. Dillon Burroughs, Author at John Ankerberg Show

Articles by Dr. Dillon Burroughs

How Did We Get the Bible?

How Scripture Changes Us

The Essential Service of the Church

Pandemic or Opportunity? Making the Most of Quarantine

Blessed: How Can We Live with God’s Blessing on Our Life?

Make the Most of Your Opportunities

Jesus Can Calm the Storm

How to Fulfill the Great Commission from Home

How Will Church Change After the Coronavirus?

The Resurrection: Accurately Recorded and Reported

A Biblical Perspective on the Coronavirus: Is This the End?

When Were the Gospels Written? (and Why It Matters)

How Should Christians Vote?

Can We Trust the Bible?

How Early Are the Gospels?

6 Traits of the Coming Antichrist

Is Jesus Really Coming Back Any Moment?

5 Ways to Renew Your Walk with God

How Should Christians View Israel?

Deep, Fake Christianity

3 Ways to Grow in God’s Grace

The Interruptions of Jesus

How Should Christians Handle Halloween?

How to Handle Tough Spiritual Questions

Turning the World Upside Down

Is Truth Discovered or Defined?

4 Ways Bible Prophecy Matters Today

How Long Did It Take to Build the Ark?

4 Biblical Ways to Respond to Mass Shootings and Other Tragedies

Should We Be Concerned about Witchcraft?

5 Reasons Truth Still Matters

How to Handle Controversial Issues

What the Heavenly Father Says about Fatherhood

The Godly Legacy of a Mother

What Does the Bible Say about Caring for the Environment?

How Old Was Jesus When He Died?

How Many People Saw Jesus Alive Again?

When Was Easter?

3 Ways to Answer with “Gentleness and Respect”

Did Jesus and the Apostle Paul Teach the Same Gospel?

The Faith of America’s Presidents

5 Ways to Start the New Year with God

Why Are There So Many Denominations?

When Was Jesus Really Born?

What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?

Is It Okay for a Christian to Have a Tattoo?

5 Ways to Live for Christ at Work

Love the Lord with All Your Mind: The Biblical Call to a Christian Worldview

Love Your Digital Neighbor as Yourself

The Influence of Technology on Bible Usage

Why Americans Attend Church: Data and Discussion

4 Keys to Overcoming Temptation

What Does the Bible Really Say about Immigration?

4 Habits of Highly Effective Followers of Christ

Why We Can Still Say “The Bible Says”

The Great Commission for the Rest of Us

How to Pray for Your Unsaved Friends and Family Members

7 Ways to Follow the Great Commission from Home

This Father’s Day, Say Thanks

4 Reasons Church Still Matters

5 Biblical Encouragements for Memorial Day

Is the 70th Anniversary of Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy?

How to Honor Your Mom on Mother’s Day (Even If You Don’t Have the Best Relationship)

The Blessings of Motherhood

In God We Trust

One Way or Many? What Jesus Said About the Way to Heaven

Is the Bible Really Filled with Contradictions?

5 Ways Apologetics Strengthens Our Faith

Rediscovering the Great Commission

7 Reasons You Can Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

What the Bible Has to Say About #Metoo

5 Ways to Show God’s Love on Valentine’s Day

When a Loved One Commits Suicide

I am a Muslim, Why Should I Consider Becoming a Follower of Jesus?

What is Baptism?

God as Our Good Father

How to “Remember” on Memorial Day

The Power of a Praying Mother

I am a Muslim. Why should I consider believing in Jesus?

Why Don’t Christians Know the Bible Better?

Islam and Bible Prophecy

Should Christians Own Guns?

Overcome Evil with Good: God’s Plan for Facing Tragedy

What Is Advent?

Terror in Mali: A Biblical Look at Tragedy

Is ISIS in Bible Prophecy?

4 Ways to Stand Firm in a Post-Christian Culture

Do you know five good reasons for believing God exists?

Oregon Shooter Targeted Christians: Martyrdom Becomes Reality in America

Do Infants and Young Children Who Die Go to Heaven?

Gay Marriage Controversy Leads to Religious Liberty Consequences

Church, Millennials Don’t Trust You

Will We Recognize Our Loved Ones in Heaven?

Same-Sex Marriage: Responding to the Supreme Court’s Decision

Questions about A.D. Episode 5 – The First Martyr

Questions about A.D. Episode 1 – The Tomb Is Open

Questions about A.D. Episode 4 – The Wrath

Questions about A.D. Episode 2 – The Body Is Gone

Questions about A.D. Episode 3 – The Spirit Arrives

How Can Christians Respond to Racism?

5 Ways to Teach Your Children about the Resurrection

Should Christians Support Israel?

Christians and Same Sex Attraction: What Does the Bible Say?

Three Biblical Connections to the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

4 Reasons for Christians to Celebrate Independence Day

5 Habits of Faithful Fathers

The Lost Tomb of Jesus – A Response Support Materials

The Hunger Games: A Spiritual Review of the Film

Should Christians Feel Guilty for Enjoying Earthly Pleasures

Examining Hank Hanegraaff’s The Apocalypse Code

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