Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church – Part 2

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©1999
Sun Myung Moon has declared that he has no political interests. But if anything is clear, it is

Moon’s desire to rule the world.

Political Ambitions

Sun Myung Moon has declared that he has no political interests. “I have no political goals….
I do not think in terms of taking over the power or government of a nation.”[1] But if
anything is clear, it is Moon’s desire to rule the world. According to The 120 Day Training
Manual, Moon first came to America because he was rejected for President of Korea.[2] Moon
believes that the amount of territory one conquers on earth determines one’s value and
position in the spirit world. “In both the physical world and the spirit world, the value of a
couple is the same, and the more territory they conquer and embrace with their love here
on earth, the more territory they can deal with in spirit world. The scope of that area will
determine their depth of understanding in spiritual life and their value in spirit world.
Ultimately how much you practice this principle here on earth shall become a measure of
how much territory you deserve in heaven.”[3] Moon also admits to political interests in the
Master Speaks publications, and these interests have also been documented elsewhere:

We will hold a revival movement in established churches and we will organize

Christians, and through their strength we will work in a political way…. We have to
push the Americans to take the right policy.[4]

He [Moon] is going to work in the U.S. because by doing this he thinks he can have

the U.S. influence the Korean government—which will make it easier for us to win
the whole nation under our ideology.[5]

So now we have to make bases in 50 states. We also have to restore Senators. So

Master will assign 3 young ladies to each Senator.[6]

“Tom McDevitt [who attempted an unsuccessful Republican campaign for a Virginia

House of Delegates seat in 1993] told me that Father has directed us to get members
elected to Congress so we can take over America,” said Craig Maxim, a church
member who quit in 1995 after spending several years as a regional leader and a
singer at Moon’s various mansions.[7]


Militaristic and Dictatorial

Moon claims, “I preach [that] our movement is essentially nonviolent and nonmilitaristic.”[8]
Still, Moon refers to his followers as an “army,” and they are asked to affirm their
willingness to die, if necessary, on behalf of Moon’s divine cause. Total acquiescence is
essential. “Utter obedience and belief” in Moon is vital, even if it means disobeying one’s
parents and one’s nation’s rulers.[9] Numerous publications make this clear:

When you join the effort with me, you can do everything in utter obedience to me.

Because what I am doing is not done at random but what I am doing is under God’s
command. There is no complaint, objection against anything being done here until
we will have established the Kingdom of God on earth up until the very end! There
can never be any complaint! I want to have the members under me who will be
willing to obey me even though they may have to disobey their own parents and the
Presidents of their own nations.[10]

You must be ready to be killed a thousand times.[11]
You must be ready to die… you are going to be willing to die in place of him [Moon]

or by him.[12]

Although Moon leaves open the possibility of an ideological World War III, he states that
there is absolutely no question that World War III will occur, whether it is military or
ideological. Members are not given militaristic training, but they are, to a degree,
indoctrinated in a militaristic mind set:

Once we have this rank and this unity and strength here in America, then the

ultimate enemy is Soviet Russia. Then the “March to Moscow” is going to be our
motto…. Our resolution today must be “We fight with our lives to achieve the final
victory”…. So the State Representatives and the Mobile Unit Commanders must
realize today that we are very fortunate that God has given us this glorious moment
in which we can die for the cause…. “YOU MUST BECOME ABSOLUTELY ONE WITH
OUR FATHER.”… We are in the position to die either way. We retreat, then death is
waiting for us. We march forward, then death is waiting for us. What shall we do?

Through World War I, the Heavenly side established a democratic foundation….

Through World War II, the territory of the democratic world was stabilized….
Through World War III they must build the democratic foundation of the perfection
level…. The Third World War must come.[14]

The great world wars are inevitable in order to set up the worldwide condition of

indemnity to restore God’s three great blessings through the 3 stages…. [They] are
inevitable in order to have earthly men overcome Satan’s three temptations to Jesus
on a worldwide basis.[15]

Rabbi Maurice Davis, a long-time opponent of the UC, told a government-citizens panel:

Senator Dole, ladies and gentlemen, the last time I ever witnessed a movement that

had these qualifications: (1) a totally monolithic movement with a single point of
view and single authoritarian head; (2) replete with fanatical followers who are
prepared and programmed to do anything their Master says; (3) supplied by
absolutely unlimited funds; (4) with a hatred of everyone on the outside; (5) with
suspicion of parents, against their parents—Senator Dole, the last movement that
had those qualifications was the Nazi youth movement, and I tell you, I’m scared.[16]

This is a movement, sir, in which 35 youngsters have already told me that had they

been told to kill, they would have killed, because it was in the name of God, or Moon,
take your pick.[17]

Moon and UC members, of course, adamantly oppose the associations. Still, the NBC
documentary on the UC for May 17-18, 1975, quoted the following Master Speaks:

We must have an autocratic theocracy to rule the world. The separation between

religion and politics is what Satan likes the most.

Our strategy is to be united into one with ourselves and with that as the bullet, we

can smash the whole world.

The whole world is in my hand and I will conquer and subjugate the world.

Other sentiments in the Master Speaks or by former members also indicate the
authoritarian nature of the UC:

We are fighting the democratic world with the Divine Principle.[18]
Love is the greatest dictator and in this dictatorship we find joy.[19]
People all over the world… must be ready to follow our Master wherever he goes,

even though you may not understand what he is really doing.[20]

The present U.N. must be annihilated by our power…. We must make a new U.N….

You may have to die or be killed. There may be casualties by tens of hundreds and
thousands. But if you are not ready to die for the cause, you cannot live and save the
world…. The time will come, without my seeking it, that my words will almost serve
as law. If I ask a certain thing, it will be done.[21]

If anyone were to investigate the ideology to any extent, he could see that it is very

definitely a very strict, socialist state, centering on a totalitarian dictator…. They said
it would take up to seven generations to bring the world under total subjugation.[22]

Democratic citizens are like grasses floating on water.[23]
We do not hesitate to enforce the Will of God.[24]
If all of you are united into one fist like this, I will be the one who will use the fist.[25]
In the New Age… [free] arrangement of marriage will not be allowed…. Your

marriages are not recognized by God because they are satanic, not centered upon
God even if you were married in a church. In our church, married couples abstain


Ancestor Devotion

Moon believes that by strenuous efforts now believers may save not only their ancestors
(who, not having had the truth, could not be fully saved or restored) but also their future
generations. In fact, the eternal destiny of believers’ ancestors and posterity rests squarely
upon their ceaseless striving for Moon:

If you are a good worker, a greater number of your ancestors can be liberated by

you and through you. You don’t understand on earth how greatly they would be
saddened if you were to turn away, and how anxious they are for you to succeed….
You can liberate your ancestors and bless your offspring and future generations….[27]

They encourage you to help your ancestors grow through you, so you’re aware of

the fact that your ancestors are around you. I used to be sitting in a lecture and
sometimes I’d sense my grandmother or my mother, and I’d feel, “Oh, they’re sitting
in with me.” There was a spirit there, and they were learning through me; they were
seeing through my eyes and hearing through my ears.[28]



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