The Foundation of Human Understanding

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©1999
The Foundation of Human Understanding claims that people can solve their problems by contacting their inner selves.


The Foundation of Human Understanding

Info at a Glance

Name: The Foundation of Human Understanding.

Purpose: To help man contact his inner Self to solve his problems.

Founder: Roy Masters.

Source of authority: Roy Masters; the inner Self.

Revealed teachings: Yes.

Claim: “Roy Masters has nothing less to offer you than the secret of life itself.” (Roy Masters, How Your Mind Can Keep You Well, back cover.)

Examples of occult potential: Psychic meditation.

Key literature: The books of Roy Masters.

Attitude toward Christianity: Rejecting.


“Don’t ever let it be said that I am against Christianity…” (Roy Masters, The Satan Principle, p. 76).

Doctrinal Summary

God: Ineffable.

Jesus: A man.

The Holy Spirit: A synonym for God.

Salvation: Inner awareness by meditation.

Man: Inwardly divine.

Sin: Emotional disability.

Satan: Personal “devils”; a synonym for evil.

The Fall: From light into darkness.

The Bible: Spiritually inadequate; at best a pointer to Reality.

Heaven and Hell: Positive or negative states of consciousness.

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