The True Meaning of Love


Love makes the world go ‘round, or so the song goes, but what does the word “love” really mean? There seems to be an awful lot of confusion regarding this word, not only among songwriters but also among politicians and even among the mainstream media.

Instead of getting all “feely-touchy” about this word, I suggest we look at it in the cold light of reality. And, instead of linking this word with such nebulous phrases as “diversity” and “tolerance,” while demonizing those who oppose us by calling them “bigots” or “ho­mophobic” and taking away their rights to speak with phony “hate speech” laws and the like, let’s define love properly.

First of all, does love really require you to tolerate such evils as sodomy, pedophilia and pictures of the same? Doesn’t love always delight in goodness, justice and beauty? Must we tolerate foul language and crude behavior like we see in so many comedic movies.  Must we accept all political policies simply because some attractive politician and his attractive, talented spouse tell us they’re doing it because they “love” children? Or, shouldn’t true love always stand up for truth?

No, my friends. True love never delights in evil. True love always delights in goodness, justice and beauty; and, true love always rejoices in the truth.

That’s why people must look to God’s definition of love in the Bible, and that definition of love is Jesus Christ, who proclaimed himself “the way, the truth and the life.” God’s love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. The complete picture of Jesus Christ in the New Testament documents is historically true as well as morally, philosophically and artisti­cally true and beautiful.

Our secular, socialist and anti-Christian New Age, as reflected in raunchy yet popular movies has a perverted definition of love.

Follow, therefore, the way of God’s love. Give the resurrected Jesus Christ the “con­trolling interest” in your life. Jesus Christ commands you to support justice and goodness, as defined by the Bible, and to fight evil, with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul or spirit. Do that, and you shall have abundant joy, if not in this life, at least in the next.

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