August News Update

Thank you for Giving!

About five years ago, we first told you about the Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda. Most of the 270,000 people in this camp have fled ongoing civil war in their home country. Many of the refugees have lost everything they owned. In the camp they were allotted a tent and provided just one meal a day. If we could use only one word to describe this camp, it would have to be despair.

We told you five years ago that Faith Comes By Hearing and their partners in Uganda had noticed an amazing change that took place when these displaced people heard the Word of God in their own language. Despair turned to hope; hostility turned to kindness; vacant eyes began to show life.

We told you about the need for more Proclaimers—Audio Bibles produced by Faith Comes By Hearing. We asked you not only to help by providing funds for these Audio Bibles, but also to pray for those who would hear God’s Word at Bidi Bidi.

It is my very great pleasure to update you now on what is happening in Uganda as a result of those Audio Bibles. Recently we received an email telling us, “At the end of 2019 and just before the COVID pandemic began, we saw what looks to be a Spirit-led revival happening in Uganda. As churches were forced to shut down, Proclaimer listening groups became the church!

Churches throughout Uganda began to see the changes taking place in the people as they listened to God’s Word. They began to ask, “What about our churches? Why can’t we start listening groups with our congregations?

The email continued, “If revival is about the Spirit moving in a country, people breaking over sin, repenting, and being regenerated—this is exactly what we are seeing in Uganda. Hundreds of additional Proclaimers have spread to nearly every region of Uganda. By the thousands, people are turning to Christ, finding victory over sins, and being turned from darkness to God’s marvelous light.”

My heart is rejoicing as I give this report to you. We are seeing the precious truth of God’s promise, “My word that goes out from my mouth… will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11). God has used your gifts and your prayers for those who would hear to accomplish this.

Final Report on Audio Bibles

We have just received the final report on our most recent discussion with Morgan Jackson from Faith Comes By Hearing, and the numbers are impressive and humbling. My friends, with your support, 7,580,555 people are now in listening groups hearing the Word of God! Statistically, roughly half of those have come to faith in Christ through hearing His Word. That’s 3,790,278 new members of God’s Kingdom. As they continue to listen, they continue to grow in their faith. As they continue to grow, their desire to share their faith grows. Who knows? We may soon hear of Spirit-led revivals in other countries as well. “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

On Television This Month


Is There Scientific Evidence for Life After Death?


On television this month we are bringing you a series on near-death experiences featuring Dr. Gary Habermas, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Near-death experiences and Jesus’ resurrection may seem like an odd combination, but Dr. Habermas sees a clear connection.

In the first program we look at the scientific evidence that supports near-death experiences and why this is significant for Christians. Program 2 describes the different types of near-death experiences and how these point to the reality of an afterlife. In Program 3 Dr. Habermas explains the significance of near-death experiences in discussing the afterlife and the resurrection of Jesus.

This 3-program series, “Is There Scientific Evidence for Life After Death?” is available on DVD and Blu-ray for a gift of $39. See the enclosed card to order this series.


Does God Exist? Arguments for the Existence of God


Did you know that 22% of Americans now consider themselves atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular”? In light of that, our series with Dr. William Lane Craig is critically important.

In program 1 of the series “Does God Exist? Arguments for the Existence of God,” Dr. Craig answers the questions, “What difference does it make if God exists or not? What would the implications be if God did not exist?” In Program 2, we learn five good reasons to believe God does exist. Program 3 examines the classic argument that the existence of the universe provides evidence for God.

All three of these programs, plus a bonus fourth program examining the problem of evil, are available on DVD and Blu-ray for a gift of $49. Please see the enclosed card to order this series.


Coming Soon on the John Ankerberg Show


Earlier this year we invited Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, into our studio to talk about the Holy Spirit. Anne explained how she came to know and love the Spirit. She explains that the Holy Spirit is not a ghost, or a dove, or a flame of fire, or an experience. Rather, He is God Himself, often called the Third Person of the Trinity. Anne also details the various ways the Spirit has intervened in her own life as a Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener and Standby. Her book, “Jesus in Me,” provided the basis for our discussion. You won’t want to miss this very important discussion coming up in just a few weeks.


Two New Series with Lee Strobel


In the next few weeks we will have award-winning journalist Lee Strobel in the studio to talk first about his books, “The Case for Miracles” and “The Case for Christmas.” We will bring you these programs sometime in the months ahead.

The John Ankerberg Show is Now on New Stations!


If you have friends or relatives in the Dallas area, The John Ankerberg Show began airing July 18 on two Fox stations—KDFW (Fox Channel 4) and its sister station KDFI (MyNet Channel 27)—at 10:00 on Sunday mornings. Those who watch these stations in the next few weeks will hear first from Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor emeritus of the Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois, as he explains “How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God.” Then Dr. Hugh Ross will join us to discuss how “Science Discovers the Universe Had a Beginning.” These are fascinating topics. Please check our website,, or call our office at 1-800-805-3030 to order the DVDs and related materials.

Friends in Jacksonville, Florida, can see us every Sunday morning at 10:30 on the NBC affiliate, WTLV, Channel 12.


Approved Workmen


Paul admonishes Timothy, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

Would you use that verse as a basis to pray for us? Pray that we would do the work God has given us in a way that pleases Him, and that is in accordance with His will for us and for the John Ankerberg Show? Would you pray that God would provide the funds necessary to pay for airtime on our stations? Would you pray that we will be careful to always handle God’s Word carefully, neither altering the true meaning, nor ignoring what it says?

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support.

For those who have yet to hear,

John and Darlene