March News Update

Thank you so much for being my friend and fellow worker in this ministry God has called us to. I cannot express how grateful I am for your partnership, nor can I put into words how encouraged I am by your faithful support.

God’s Word to the World

We have just completed another update with Morgan Jackson of Faith Comes By Hearing. We are so excited to report to you that we have now reached 9,011,305 people who are in listening groups! These are people who are regularly interacting with God’s Word through the Audio Bibles you provided.

Of these people, about half have become new believers in Jesus, and are growing in their faith and already reaching out to others with the gospel message.

One of the places where you have provided Audio Bibles is the Bidi-Bidi Refugee Camp in Uganda. This settlement is home to more than 270,000 refugees from Southern Sudan. A few days ago, we heard:

Recently, our local partners noticed a plethora of new believers after sharing God’s audible Word. Our partners planted a church in one part of the settlement and soon observed a great harvest. Listening groups multiplied, and several refugees accepted Christ. More than 270 residents now attend this growing church. Many refugees cannot read, so the use of the Proclaimer allows them to experience God’s audible Word in their heart language—often for the first time.

In our next programs with Morgan, we will tell you how nationals are now targeting all the cities in their nation that have never had a Bible. Then they are planning on taking Audio Bibles to each of these cities and planting a church there.

You are helping us provide the tools for these people in different nations. Thank you for your help. Please continue to give toward Audio Bibles as you are able, using the enclosed card, or going to our website:


Coming up this Month

This month we begin a series of programs with former atheist Lee Strobel, talking about his book, “The Case for Miracles.” Part of the research for his book included commissioning a national scientific survey by the Barna research group to ask American adults whether they thought miracles are possible today. 67% said yes; only 15% said no. Young adults were less convinced, but 61% still said yes.

Most importantly, Strobel wanted to ask the question, “How many people have had an experience they could only explain as being a miracle of God?” Barna reported that nearly two out of five US adults, or 38%, said they had such an experience.

This means that an eye-popping 94,792,000 Americans are convinced that God has performed at least one miracle for them personally. Even weeding out 50% of the instances as “coincidences,” that is still an astonishing number!

In writing his book, Lee started by interviewing skeptic Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic magazine, and asked him to build his strongest case against miracles. Then Lee began to dig out evidence by interviewing scholars, doctors, and scientists to respond to Shermer’s claims. As a result, Lee documents a lot of evidence from people who have seen God work in their lives in miraculous ways. We will let you hear from some of them during our TV programs.

We have entitled our first series, “The Evidence of Miracles for Skeptics.

In program 1 Lee asks, “Do you believe that God is doing supernatural miracles today? If He is, what are the implications for you?”

In program 2, Lee discusses three conclusions he reached as he researched miracles: First, God is still in the miracle business; second, miracles happen more frequently than you think; and third, miracles are surprisingly well-documented.

In program 3, Lee tells why the creation of the universe is “the greatest miracle of all.” In this episode, he will present the evidence that has led scientists to conclude that theories other than God creating it are woefully inadequate.

The three programs in this series are available on DVD for a gift of $49.

In our second series we will continue our discussion with Lee in three more programs entitled “The Most Astonishing Miracles.”

In program 1 he will address the issue of miraculous healings. He will present evidence that God has certainly miraculously healed some people, but also asks, “Why not others?”

In program 2 he will answer the questions, “Why does a loving God allow any pain and suffering? Does He have some purpose?”

And in program 3, Lee, who was a former atheist, weaves in his own story of personally encountering the God who still works miracles and changes lives.

The three programs in this series are available on DVD for a gift of $49.

Then, if you would also like to also have a copy of Lee Strobel’s 319-page hardcover book, “The Case for Miracles,” we are offering it for a gift of only $15.

And, if you would like to receive all the information in the 2 DVDs plus the book, they are available in a special package for a gift of only $100. Please see the enclosed card to request these important items.


Dr. Stephen Meyer

Later this year, scientist and philosopher Dr. Stephen Meyer, who received his PhD in the Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University, will be our guest. This brilliant scientist will talk about his new book, “The Return of The God Hypothesis,” that is stirring the scientific world. Why?

 In his book he shows how modern science originated out of Judeo-Christian origins. Also, what scientific evidence is persuading atheistic naturalists who are investigating Cosmology, Paleontology, and DNA, that an Intelligent, all-powerful God is the best explanation for the information and design science has discovered in the universe? Stay tuned for these informative programs.


Anne Graham Lotz

 Coming later this year, Anne Graham Lotz will be back with us along with her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright to discuss their book “Jesus Followers.”

In this book, Anne and Rachel-Ruth use the lives of four men mentioned in Genesis 5 as the framework to explain how we can become followers of Jesus who pass the baton of faith along to the next generation.

You may have heard that Rachel-Ruth recently experienced a serious health crisis. We are very pleased that God answered our prayers, and that she is recovering. Please continue to pray for her in the coming days as she heals.


God’s Encouragement

As we continue into 2022, so many things are happening in the world around us. It seems that there is turmoil in nearly every area of our lives. It is easy to get discouraged. But God encourages us to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him. God says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

Further, we have this promise from God’s Word: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Remember that our staff meets regularly to pray, and we have a group of people who have pledged to pray for you as you tell us your needs. So don’t be afraid to tell us when you need a touch from the Lord.


Working together to reach those who have yet to hear,

John and Darlene


P.S. Late breaking news! We are now on 2 new stations! WXII (NBC) Greensboro, NC, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (Monday morning), and  WLOS (ABC) Greenville, SC, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Please let friends and family know.