March News Update

I have some great news to report to you this month.

Only one year ago I reported to you that God had used your gifts to provide Audio Bibles for 8,128,715 people in listening groups in 45 nations who had never heard the gospel before because they had never had a Bible in their language.

But today, one year later, I am thrilled to report that God has used you to provide Audio Bibles for 13,966,154 people who are in listening groups in 83 countries in 253 languages!

And at least 6,983,077 of these people have received Christ as Savior!

Each of you who have given and prayed for us, I count you as “special spiritual friends” who love the Lord, want to see a multitude of people receive Christ as their Savior, and have sacrificially given to help make that happen.

God’s Word promises, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving” (Colossians 3:23-24).

Many people are already sharing their testimonies with us as a result of your gifts toward Audio Bibles. Let me give you one example.

A man by the name of Nadhir lives in a country where access to God’s Word is limited. With work scarce and four children to provide for, he found himself turning to alcohol to try to escape his problems.

But one day he was shocked when, on his way home, he heard someone reciting Scripture in his own language! Intrigued, he slipped inside the door and discovered a group gathered around an Audio Bible. The invitation to stay was irresistible, and the Word of God penetrated Nadhir’s heart.

When he received Christ as his Savior, the Holy Spirit and Scripture replaced his desire for alcohol, and the Audio Bible became his constant companion. Nadhir shared what he learned with his family, and they also became new believers. Now they worship together at the church where God speaks their language.

Nadhir and his family are among the 13,966,154 people who are now involved in listening groups where they gather to hear and discuss Scripture on a regular basis.

Thank you for what you have done. Please share this news with others, so even more people can hear God’s Word and receive His free gift of salvation.

Now, during February, Dr. Erwin Lutzer has been sharing with us from his book, “Christ Among Other gods.” In this series we wanted you to know why Jesus is different from all the other religious leaders in the world. If you missed these programs, you can request the DVDs at our website,

Beginning in March, my friend Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross will be with us to talk about: “Evidence from Astronomy That Points to An All-Powerful Creator.” Hugh will tell us why many of the world’s leading physicists, astronomers, and cosmologists, who used to be atheists, changed their mind after studying the intricate design of the universe, and now believe in God or an all-powerful designer.

In Program 1, Dr. Ross explains what happened when the universe was only a 10 millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old, that made it possible for there to be life on earth now.

In Program 2, why did God have to create trillions and trillions of stars and galaxies in the universe so human life could exist on earth?

In Program 3, what did the COBE satellite reveal in 1992 about the universe that proved to scientists that the Big Bang model was true?

In Program 4, Astronomer Hugh Ross reveals scientific solutions to climate change and ways we can stabilize the climate to benefit all life on planet earth.

In Program 5, Hugh tells us why many of the world’s leading atheistic physicists, astronomers, and cosmologists changed their mind after studying the intricate design of the universe and now believe in God or at least an all-powerful designer.

In Program 6, he tells how he discovered that the Bible predicted information about the creation of the universe that only the Creator who created it would know. What does that tell us about the Bible?

All six programs in this series, along with Dr. Ross’s 272-page book “The Creator and the Cosmos,” are available in a package for $90. Check the enclosed card to order these important materials.

By the way, in May I will tape another series with Dr. Hugh Ross where people in our television audience can email him any question they want, and he will answer them on our TV program. So any question you have about astronomy, the beginning of the universe, the stars, our galaxy, the sun, our earth, the fossil record, God, the biblical record of earth, human life, and science, just ask.

Please keep your questions to under 70 words, and e-mail them to [email protected], with the subject line: Question for Dr. Ross. Be sure to submit your question no later than April 30.

As you watch our TV programs, you know that our entire ministry is devoted to achieving three goals. First, to present and defend the Christian faith so people will receive Christ as their Savior; second, to encourage and teach God’s Word to disciple Christians; and third, to reach around the world to provide Audio Bibles to people who have never heard the gospel or the word of God.

Finally, please pray for us and our whole staff. We believe God does wonderful things in the lives of people around the world when we all pray.

We could not do this TV ministry without you. So, thank you for sharing this task with us.


Until all the world hears,

John and Darlene