October News Update

People can make mistakes about many things—a wrong turn while driving or spilling a drink at dinner. However, there is one question where we cannot risk being wrong: “How can I spend eternity with God?”

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor emeritus of Moody Church and bestselling author, shared in our interview, “This is the most important topic that anyone could ever consider… time is short, and eternity is very long. It’s endless. And the moment that you die, you will either be in a place where you will see nothing but beauty and holiness and be welcomed, or you will be in a place of darkness and abandonment.”

Most people say they believe in God, yet are uncertain whether they will spend eternity with Him. We each seek assurance that God will accept us. In our series “How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God,” we discuss the vital teachings the Bible offers on this important topic.

In Part 1 of this series we begin by discussing the two places the Bible describes in eternity. In our second program, we present the tragedy of misplaced faith. Some people believe that if they try to live the best life they can, God will do the rest. But they overestimate their own ability and underestimate God’s holiness.

And what about those who feel far from God? Is there any hope for them? Dr. Lutzer reveals the Bible’s answer in program three that answers why God’s grace is so amazing. The three television programs in this series are available for a gift of $39.

Part 2 of this series begins with important information about the gift God says we can’t live without. Next, we address the topic called “The Miracle We Need.” We also talk about the concept of being held in God’s hands.

Further, we address the question, “How can I know for sure I am saved?” We conclude with addressing the doubts believers have, including how these doubts can drive us to better grow in our faith. The three TV programs in Part 2 are also available for a gift of $39.

In addition, we are offering Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s 162-page book entitled How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God. It is available for a gift of $12.

And if you would like to request all three of these resources, including all six programs in our two television series on Blu-ray and DVD, along with Dr. Lutzer’s book, they are available together for a gift of $90.  

Audio Bible Updates

Last Spring, Faith Comes By Hearing director Morgan Jackson offered us powerful stories of God at work through audio Bibles. In locations you and I will never physically travel, our prayers and gifts are providing God’s Word in new languages among people who have never heard the gospel.

Already, nearly 2.7 million people have become part of audio Bible listening groups through the support of you and our other ministry friends. That is more than double the population of the entire state of Montana!

Approximately half of those in Bible listening groups come to faith in Christ. This means over 1.3 million people have come to faith through this outreach. This would be like nearly the entire city of Philadelphia becoming a Christian.

Because of the tremendous revival and spiritual awakening taking place through these efforts, I’m excited to invite Morgan to join us again later this year. Please continue to pray as we seek God’s direction regarding the locations and language where we should focus for the days ahead.

For now, you can continue to join in this audio Bible movement through your gifts. Please see the enclosed card for how you can get involved today.

Coming Soon to the John Ankerberg Show: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

We also just finished hosting Dr. Jimmy DeYoung in our studio for a new series on the book of Revelation. Have you ever felt the book of Revelation was confusing?

Dr. DeYoung will offer a unique way to easily explain the main events of the end times, providing help and hope as we look ahead toward Christ’s return. You won’t want to miss this important series.

Changing Lives Together

Several weeks ago, we received a wonderful note from a man who shared:

“What started as another late night of YouTube video led me to this website. I purposely came for the Sinner’s Prayer. You suggested it in one of the videos I watched… In the early hours of Sunday morning, I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.”

You have been a part of seeing this man turn from darkness to light. Thank you for helping us change lives for eternity. Together, we have many opportunities to reach people through television, radio, print, and the internet around the world.

For example, a few of our recent statistics offer a look at some of the impact our ministry together is having worldwide:

  • 4.5 billion people have access to our television program in 11 languages; this includes 110 million U.S. homes and 10 million Canadian homes.
  • Nearly 3 million people have listened to our radio programs online, in addition to the many listening via radio on Moody Radio, Bott Radio, and other stations.
  • More than 3 million copies of our 163 books and study guides in over 20 languages reach people in over 100 countries.
  • Over 18 million views of our YouTube videos have reached people in over 163 nations; many more access our resources at JAshow.org and other social media in 11 languages.

Personally, let me say thank you to all of you who have supported us and prayed for us. Your prayers have helped us with many burdens and surprises. Only heaven will reveal the full extent of your involvement in this ministry. If God lays on your heart to share a special financial gift this month, know it will help us reach even more people. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless you as you follow Him!

                                                                        For the sake of the gospel,

John and Darlene Ankerberg

P.S. Don’t forget that you can give online at JAshow.org. We have also put a lot of work into our John Ankerberg Show App and JAshow.org website. You will find our weekly television and radio programs at our website, along with many free resources for your spiritual growth.