September News Update

I cannot possibly express to you how much I appreciate your friendship and what you have done for the sake of the gospel and for this ministry. I sincerely believe it is because of your gifts and your prayers that people will join us in heaven!

Because of your generous gifts, 14,628,493 people are gathering in listening groups to hear God’s Word, then to discuss and learn from what they have heard.

We know too that about half of those who hear God’s Word in their own heart language for the first time will come to faith in Christ as a result. That means that about 7.3 million people are now believers because you have responded. And, each time we play Morgan’s programs, the numbers grow larger.

Located on Africa’s west coast, Togo is home to approximately 8.5 million people. We received this note from a man in this country who listened to an Audio Bible:

My family and friends noticed the impact of God’s Word on my life. My behavior, attitude, and decisions changed after regularly listening to Scripture. I used to act harshly toward my wife and siblings—I hurt them with my words. Today, I refer to the Bible in every situation and every decision. I have become peaceful thanks to God’s work in my life.

It is because of your gifts and your prayers that this man will now join us in heaven! But we also know time is short, and that many are still waiting to hear. Would you pray with us as we work alongside others who are sharing the gospel? Our world is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity and to the gospel message, but we have God’s sure promise that as we “go into all the world,” He will “be with us always” (Matthew 28:20).

Now, this month on television I asked my friend Dr. Erwin Lutzer to prepare a series of special programs with some great news especially for our Catholic friends.

Our ministry has recently placed our program on stations in South America, South Central America, Mexico, United States, and Canada that all speak Spanish. According to the Cervantes Institute, between 496 million and 595 million Spanish speakers live in these countries.

The majority of these people have been influenced by the Catholic Church. They have not been taught the simple gospel message that while Jesus died on the cross, God put all of our sins on Jesus, and He paid them all. As a result, all we need to receive God’s forgiveness of our sins is to believe on Jesus as our Savior. He promised that all who believe on Him can know for sure that when they die, God will take them to heaven.

This special series, which will be translated into Spanish, is called “Jesus’ 7 Last Cries from the Cross.” This is information that you will want to share with your friends and family, so invite them to watch with you. You may also want to order the DVDs from this series along with a copy of Erwin’s wonderful book, “Cries from the Cross.” See our online store for details.

Later this month I invited another friend who is deeply involved in fulfilling the Great Commission to join us. His name is Hannu Haukka, and he is President of Great Commission Media Ministries. Hannu is from Finland. He only holds his Mega City Campaigns in cities of one million or more. Last year he was in Ukraine holding a Mega City Media Campaign using television, internet, billboards, radio, and newspapers.

This mass media campaign showcased dynamic survival stories, transformation stories of businessmen and women that all Ukrainians know, as well as sports figures, pop singers, and movie stars. Also, he included people who had ruined their lives by drugs or alcohol, and have come to Christ. He invited celebrities and non-celebrities to tell their stories of how they survived life’s worst storms with God’s help.

He broadcasts these testimonies on TV for 30 days. The message declares that freedom is to be found in Christ, and a number is given where people can call for more information or to learn how to be saved.

All the churches in the area trained volunteers who went to meet with each caller face to face. They gave them a book with the testimonies they had heard on television or read in the newspaper of people who had found new life through faith in Christ. They prayed with the person and helped them come into God’s kingdom if they were ready to do so.

But you know that on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and bombed many major cities the first night. Amazingly, Hannu’s media campaign continued to play on TV for two weeks after the war started. That ended when the Russians destroyed every television antenna in Ukraine.

We will fly Hannu right from the war zone to our studios to get his perspective on the war. I also asked him to shoot film footage of the war, the buildings, and the people. We will show you what conditions are really like in Ukraine. You won’t want to miss these programs.

So, we have a busy couple of months ahead. Pray for all of our staff. Pray for our new stations. And thank you for caring about the gospel. Finally, thank you for being a real friend to Darlene and me in this ministry.

Until all have heard,

John and Darlene