Tornado Hits Chattanooga

The EF3 tornado that hit Chattanooga Sunday evening cut a nine-mile swath through areas just a short distance from our office. Our office buildings survived mostly unscathed—a fence blown down, some guttering is loose, and we’ve discovered a few leaks in the roof. In the overall scheme of things that’s great news.

However, while the electricity is back on at the office, we have no internet. That may take several more days to repair, so please be patient with us if we don’t get right back to you when you call or have requested materials.

Many of our staff have lost electricity at their homes. A few suffered some—mostly minor—damage to their homes. Many roads are still blocked.

Please pray for Chattanooga as we deal with this incredibly difficult situation. Pray for our first responders. Pray for those who are digging through the rubble of their homes and businesses trying to find anything to salvage. Pray for those who are being exposed to COVID-19 in their effort to help others. Pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses as a result of the storm.

We are grateful that we serve a good God who is good all the time—even in the aftermath of a tornado.

If you want to donate in order to help ensure that response organizations have the resources they need to effectively respond and the victims of this disaster have reliable support: click here to go to the Tornado Relief Fund.