John Ankerberg Show Staff

What does the Bible say about #MeToo?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / December 13, 2018

America’s recent #MeToo movement has forced our culture to directly address how women are treated. As followers of Jesus, our goal is to honor him in every area of life, including how men treat women. What is the Bible’s response to this important topic?

How should we fight anxiety?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / December 13, 2018

There are many reasons we can think of that contribute to growing rates of anxiety. The news. Social media. Global economies. The brokenness we see in the world. But none of these things are going to change anytime soon. We do not have the power to solve these issues overnight. What we do have is the ability to change how we react to them.

How Do We Speak the Truth in Love?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / August 25, 2018

Today’s politically correct culture encourages us to accept all views and beliefs as equally valid. However, the Bible clearly teaches there are many areas where right and wrong is not a matter of opinion. We are instead commanded to speak God’s truth. In Ephesians 4:15, the apostle Paul teaches believers are to “speak the truth in love.” Rather than giving in to social pressure, we are to stand firm regarding our Christian convictions. Yet many have questions regarding the best way to proceed in this area. How can we speak God’s truth in love?

What’s the Best Way to Approach Studying Different Theories on the Rapture?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / July 27, 2018

Sometimes you read something by a pre-tribulationist and you say, “That really sounds convincing.” Then you pick up something by a mid-tribulationist and you say, “Well, that sounds good, too.” And then a little while later, you hear a post-tribulationist give a sermon and you say, “He really sounds like he’s on target, too.” How do you make up your mind as to which position is right and which position is wrong?

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas on December 25?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / July 12, 2018

In the “Israel My Glory” magazine of December-January 1986-1987, there appeared an article called, “Why Do We Celebrate Christmas on December 25th?” Since Christianity has its roots in Judaism, and not in paganism, let’s look to the Jewish roots for the origin of our date, as did this article…

Where Did Jesus Live Between the Age of 12 -30 Years of His Life?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / July 12, 2018

The Bible does not comment on the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and about 30…

With so Many Mass Shootings, How Can We Overcome Evil with Good?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / June 29, 2018

Another mass shooting that left at least 14 dead in San Bernardino, California this week marks the sixth mass shooting in the United States in the past week! Americans find themselves responding by buying more guns, living in increased fear, or simply no longer paying attention to headlines of fellow citizens dying at the end of a bullet…

What Will the Antichrist Do?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / June 14, 2018

According to Daniel 9:27, “and he [referring to the Antichrist] shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”—literally for one seven. Now, there is an interesting implication of this. Many have thought that the event which will actually start the seven-year Tribulation period—or if you want to call it the seven-year 70th week of Daniel 9 that we’re reading about here—that the event that will actually start that will be the Rapture of the Church.

Will I Be Married in Heaven?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / June 6, 2018

I met a woman who was recently widowed. She wanted to know whether or not she would still be married to her husband in heaven. She seemed to be very concerned about this. I am not sure why, but there are at least two possible scenarios in a situation like this…

Why Do I Still Struggle with Sin If I Am a Christian?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff / June 6, 2018

What we are dealing with here is temptation. It is the common problem of all human beings, and will be as long as we are still in the body. So, the important thing is to know what to do about temptation…