Rev. Sam Harris, Author at John Ankerberg Show

Articles by Rev. Sam Harris

Do the Wise Men Belong in a Nativity Scene?

What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean to You?

Does God Forget Sin?

Will Our Pets Go To Heaven?

What is the Role of Women in Church Today?

“Old Things Have Passed Away”

Learning How to Pray

What You Should Look for in a Spiritually Strong Church

Am I Significant to God?

Can We KNOW the Bible is the Word of God?

Do You Care That We Are Perishing?

What is the Role of the Holy Spirit?

“Do You Love Me”

How Do I “Take Up My Cross”

Finding God’s Will

Why is Jesus Called “the Son of God”

Why Would God Repent

Jesus at Cana: What did He Mean

Assurance of Salvation

“Pay Close Attention”

“I Waited Patiently for the Lord ”

Will Faith Alone Save Me?

Who are the “Us” in Genesis 1:26

Ministering Effectively to God’s People

What Does it Mean When Someone is Slain in the Spirit?

When Does Jesus Become “Lord”

Now Let Me Depart in Peace

Allowing Jesus to be Lord of Your Life

“Do I Need to Go to Church”

How to Be an Overcomer

Could Jesus Have Sinned

The Authority of the Bible

Why Did God Tell Abraham to Offer Isaac as a Sacrifice

Why Would God Say: “I Have Hated Esau…”?

What Does Genesis 3:16 Mean

Tattoos in the Bible

What Does it Mean to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

Should 1 John 5:7 be Used to “Prove the Trinity”

What does it mean to have a “Spirit-filled life”?

What is the Biblical View of Interracial Dating, Including Marriage

Did Jesus Have Brothers and Sisters

Question on Being Divorced and Serving God

How Do I Commit My Way to the Lord?

Is it 70 or 72 Disciples in Luke 10:1

How does “Tradition” Relate to “Sola Scriptura”

Where Can I Find What the Bible Says about Astrology

How Many Generations Are Listed in Matthew 1?

Committed to Following Jesus

The Temple: A Robber’s Den

Did Jesus Make Wine or Grape Juice?

“In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

Did Mary Have Other Children

Will We Know One Another in Heaven?

Disciples and Apostles

How Could God Hate?

“Weep…for Yourselves ”

Control of My Thoughts

Does God Ever Approve of Half-Truths

The Believer’s Two Natures

“Coals of Fire”

What is the Mission of the Church

Are You an Example to Those Who Believe

Accepted by God

Is There a Contradiction Between Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-7

A Parable of Two Sons

What are “The Seven Spirits of God”

Teaching Your Children: Practical Tips

Where Did Cain Get His Wife

Release Barabbas! Did the Gospel Writers Make That Up

How Long is “Forever and Ever”

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