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Why Can’t Books Still Be Added to the Bible?

By Dr. Dillon Burroughs / May 4, 2021

Some have wondered if it is possible for later books to be added to the Bible. Several “lost books” of the Bible have been suggested over the years. Yet the Bible and history reveal important reasons this should not and cannot take place.

The Influence of Technology on Bible Usage

By JA Show Staff / August 13, 2018

The Barna Group’s “State of the Bible 2018” study focused on seven key findings regarding views of the Bible by American Christians. Of great significance is its findings on the…

Should Additional Gospels Have Been Included in Our Bibles?

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 27, 2013

“More than eighty gospels were considered for the New Testament, and yet only a relative few were chosen for inclusion—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John among them.” —Dan Brown, The Da…

The Conflict Over Different Bible Versions | Part 2

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 27, 2013

Previous Article False or Irrelevant Claims About the KJV [King James Version] and New Translations KJVO proponents characteristically make a number of false or irrelevant statements concerning the new translations…

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