Disease Season

This blog writer was recently struck by the effects of two microorganisms—influenza and pneumonia at the same time. The germs so weakened him that he suffered a fall and became a hospital resident for 36 hours following a call to “911.” It was a painful and humbling experience. We were reminded of humanity’s constant vulnerability to disease. 

Our study in the Gospel of Luke uncovers many passages in which Jesus, the Great Physician, manifested one of His primary planetary missions—the ministry of healing. Luke describes over a dozen divine healing episodes. Of course, as the “beloved physician,” author Luke was also acutely aware of bodily healing. Luke’s gospel contains accounts of 13 divine healings by Jesus,—from blindness, lameness, fever, and other events, ranging from microorganism infections to paralysis, demon possession, and even death. The Son of God healed many types of diseases. These diseases are endemic to the human condition.  They include diseases caused by microorganisms in addition to classic definitions of disease—disorders of structure or function in any living organism.

In our study of Scripture, it is apparent that the disease state extends to deep time within the timeline of humanity’s existence. If we study Gen. 1:2 we might interpret “without form” as a chaotic condition. In God’s timetable, divine creation events soon restored order to the chaos described in Gen. 1:2. We wonder if viruses, bacteria, and disorders of structure or function were precursors of historic disease conditions.

Man’s largely winning battle against disease has resulted in the startling human  population explosion since 1800, from one billion to almost 8 billion. Together with agricultural, nutritional, hygienic, and energy innovations, the Creator has enabled humanity to solve human problems of long standing. The battle against disease, however, is still being waged.

Our recent hospital stay reminded us of the startling rise in hospital and medical technology, including the newest medicines and the skill manifest by medical doctors. When we returned home we were overcome with gratitude to God for modern medical technology, not to mention the healing ability of the body itself. We are reminded of improved COVID immunity for which we are thankful. This is an example of the linkage between science and faith!

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