Senescence Reprise

Our universe has been created by God with the tendency to run down. In parallel, our physical existence is also prone to deterioration. Energy converts from a higher to a lower level of useful energy in many physical processes. A study of physical and chemical processes operating in our world of today demonstrates that the Second Law of Thermodynamics, sometimes called the Law of Decay, is actually a benefit to life as we know it. Some commentators may posit that this Law of Decay overlay is a weakness in the operation of our universe, and by extension, our planet. But the Law of Decay is not a weak link in the scheme of creation. God pronounced his creation good and very good as it unfolded according to the Genesis account of creation. God’s operating universe is purposeful, even when our acquaintances draw the opposite conclusion. The truth of this statement may be difficult to accept in times of difficulty, physical disaster, human senescence, senility, or death. It may be difficult to appreciate any outcome not in accordance with our frail ability to understand.

The subject of the benefit of the Law of Decay deserves thoughtful study beyond our ability to discuss it in one or several brief posts. During the New Creation spoken of in the 21st chapter of the Book of Revelation, more divine purpose will be revealed to the redeemed in Christ. The “weaknesses” of this creation will be revealed as strengths of God’s divine plan even though its apparent weaknesses appear incompatible with our human plans. We close with the term “senescence” on our mind. May God grant us wisdom to accept his mind.

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