Birthday Tribute for Darlene Ankerberg

A Birthday Tribute for Darlene Ankerberg


How do we adequately describe Darlene Ankerberg?

Darlene is strong, kind, spunky, passionate, determined, godly, and genuine. She cares deeply for people, and will pray for you and do whatever she can to help you solve your problem. Her go-getter approach to life makes you glad she’s on your team! She is an amazing storyteller, and will have an entire room laughing right along with her. Work trips routinely turn into fun adventures.

Darlene is kind, but also no-nonsense when she needs to be. While John is a visionary, she is truly his perfect teammate, coming alongside him to organize, facilitate, and bring all the details together. She loves to travel, and has an absurdly good sense of direction. Also, her sense of style is impeccable!

Personally, I have worked under her leadership for almost a decade, and I am still probably considered one of the “newer” staff members as many have worked here 20-30+ years. I believe that one huge contributing factor to the high retention rate here at the John Ankerberg Show is directly due to Darlene and John’s leadership. They treat their staff like family, pray for each of us, and are passionate about Jesus Christ and making sure the gospel is known. This passion is evident in every aspect of their lives, and I am truly thankful for both of them.

Darlene, we won’t say which birthday you are celebrating this year, but please know how loved you are by all of us! We hope this birthday is the best one yet!