June News Update

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for over five million people in 46 nations to accept Christ as their savior. The number of people who have converted to Christ probably exceed five million, but that is the conservative number reported to us.

All of these people have accepted Christ as a result of your gifts. I am sending you this report so you will know how God has used your funds to provide Audio Bibles so people around the world can hear the gospel in their own language. We are halfway through the programs with Morgan Jackson, so I believe the numbers will be even higher later.

Since 2013 it has been our honor to partner with Faith Comes By Hearing. We have learned that some translators have spent years translating the Word of God for people groups who have no Bible. But when the translation was done and printed, they realized that only a few people could read. The majority were illiterate. They couldn’t read their own language. In the end, the people still had no Bible. They needed an Audio Bible to which they could listen.

Translators then asked Morgan’s ministry to use their printed translation, find nationals who could speak that language, and record a special audio version of the Bible. The audio is then placed on devices we call Proclaimers. It can take many months to do so.

At this point Morgan’s team needs our help to purchase the Audio Proclaimer devices with the translated language of the Bible on it so he can get it into the hands of the unreached people who need to hear it. Our goal is do this in every remaining language of the world by the year 2033.

The problem is that there are 7,140 languages in the world, and 4,000 languages that still do not have an Audio Bible in their own language.

When I first met Morgan and heard his goal of going to different nations and making an audio recording of the Bible in every people group’s own language, I instantly wanted to help him. That’s when we became partners. It is a big job since millions of people in the world still do not have a Bible in their own language and many are illiterate. But here is how we have done it.

Each month the John Ankerberg Show buys expensive airtime on many television stations that broadcast in 200 nations of the world. Since Faith Comes By Hearing does not have television or radio programs, I asked Morgan to partner with the John Ankerberg Show, and come on our program to tell you and others in our TV audience about the need to provide Audio Bibles to the millions of people who still don’t have a Bible in their own language. That’s how our partnership came about.

And please remember, as you have given, you have become a partner with us, and God has blessed our work together in a way that Morgan and I never dreamed possible.


The impact of your giving gifts for Audio Bibles


God has used your gifts so that as of this moment 9,795,391 people are in listening groups each week. As God leads, we may reach 10 million people before this letter gets to you.

These Audio Bibles have been taken into 46 different nations, in 253 different languages. Think about it. That is a huge number of people!

And as I said, most importantly, approximately 5 million people in these listening groups have become new believers in Jesus. Morgan told me how he personally saw this work in a Muslim village. He told me:

I walked into a village and there were 300 people sitting under a tree. This was a Muslim community. There were supposedly no Christians among them. But after sitting down and talking to them, I found out they were all believers. I wondered how this had happened.

And so, I met the chief, and I asked, “How did you come to Christ?” He said, “A week before this Audio Bible came into my village, I was dying. In fact, I died, and my spirit left my body. And when it came out, I felt a hand pushing my soul into hell. And then I heard another voice say, ‘You cannot come. You do not know God.’”

He said, “I awoke terrified because I knew that all my gods were not the right gods. I was still sick, and I knew that if I died, I was going to hell.”

Then he said, “This black box came with Hunga, our language. It had the story of Jesus. And when I heard it, I knew immediately He was the Savior of the world. On that day I accepted Jesus Christ. And all of my people also accepted Jesus Christ.”

And so, in a single listening group, they moved from Islam to Christianity.


Coming up


I am concerned about those of you who have had two rough years health wise.  So, after our programs with Morgan, I want you to hear two people who have lived with unimaginable suffering talk about how Christ has helped them to live their lives.

My two guest are Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Michel Easley. There is nobody I would rather listen to if I found out that I had an incurable disease and would suffer for a lifetime. Their information is personal and biblical.

Please visit out online store to request your copy of these programs.

Next, I want Dr. Erwin Lutzer to tell you “How You Can Be Certain That You Will Spend Eternity with God.” We all are going to die. That’s a fact. But where will you spend eternity? If you have unsaved friends, make sure they listen to Dr. Lutzer’s programs. He was the pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago for 36 years and is one of my best friends. He can clearly present how anyone can know for sure that they will spend eternity with God.

Next, I have asked Dr. Gary Habermas to teach you the historical facts about Jesus’ resurrection. These facts brought Gary, who was a skeptic, to become a believer in Christ. In this series, entitled “Did Jesus Literally Rise from the Dead?”, he will lay out 12 historical facts that 95% of the 4,000 most influential New Testament scholars believe point to the resurrection of Jesus as a real, historical event. This is essential information that you will want your family and friends to hear.


A word of encouragement


I am sure you are aware of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a war that dominates the news every night. Also inflation, the elections, crime and the diseases that we constantly hear about.

But our God encourages each of us as Paul tells us in Philippians 4:6-7:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Remember that these words were given when Christians were persecuted, and many died. The peace Paul spoke about comes to us from our God who loves us. Trust Him and experience His peace.

Finally, please know that our staff loves to pray for you. If you have prayer needs or concerns, please let us know. Our staff will hold you up before our great God in prayer.


On behalf of those who have yet to hear,

John and Darlene