Jesus, Son of Mary

By The John Ankerberg Show / November 25, 2016

Jesus, Son of Mary R.L. Wilson   There is no doubt that Jesus claimed to be God. There is no doubt he said and did many things that proved he…

How to “Remember” on Memorial Day

By The John Ankerberg Show / May 13, 2016

A few years ago I was visiting some friends in Colorado. They had a young woman living in their spare bedroom who was the wife of an American soldier serving…

Born to be God

By The John Ankerberg Show / December 28, 2015

Jim Shaddix Message December 20, 2015   Good morning, Brainerd Faith Family.  It is great to see you.  Merry Christmas to you.  Let’s study God’s Word together and worship Him…

Are You Ready for Christmas?

By The John Ankerberg Show / December 11, 2015

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you excited? If so, WHY? Could it be because you are thinking about what you are going to get—the Christmas presents, which have become…

Childlike Faith in the Light of Christmas

By The John Ankerberg Show / December 1, 2015

Why is it that joy and peace are so illusive? The Christmas season pronounces our personal longing for joy and peace. It normally brings great memories of the security of…

The Truth About Thanksgiving

By The John Ankerberg Show / November 25, 2015

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Introduction On the last Thursday in November, millions of Americans will…

Christmas Programming

By Jim Virkler / September 30, 2014

By: Jim Virkler; ©2010 At Christmastime, some radio stations modify their musical programming to conform to the season. Most stations assume a secular stance, only occasionally offering a carol with…

How is Witchcraft Related to Halloween?

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 30, 2013

  After the idea of roaming spirits of the dead, witchcraft is perhaps the most common theme of Halloween. However, our image of witchcraft is changing from that of something…

For Those Who Hate Christmas and Those Who Don’t

By The John Ankerberg Show / December 11, 2012

I suppose there’s really only a few thousand well-organized individuals out of the 315 million in America and seven billion globally that actually really hate Christmas and what it stands…

God Came to Us – The Miracle of Christmas

By The John Ankerberg Show / December 11, 2012

…Christ uncrowned himself to crown us, and put off his robes to put on our rags, and came down from heaven to keep us out of hell… he came from…

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